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4 Constructive Feedback Examples to Motivate Your Employees’ Improvements

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Improving someone’s performances relies entirely on the feedback that person receives. However, providing employee feedback is just as important as providing constructive feedback. Knowing how to balance positive and negative things can be essential for an employee’s evolution. Thus, they can reach goals easier and correct their mistakes. For this reason, today we will present you some constructive feedback examples to help you with giving feedback.

4 Constructive Feedback Examples to Keep in Mind

1. Follow Up with Feedback

Once you provide feedback for an employee, make sure you follow up with it. The whole purpose of giving feedback is to make the person improve. Show them what they did wrong and how to fix it. However, if you don’t come back to see if they followed your advice, then the whole purpose of feedback is undermined. Check how things are going and congratulate the employee if they solved the problem.

What to Say: “Hi, do you still need help with the problem X? I stumbled upon an article on this topic yesterday which you might find useful.”

2. Include Positive Things

Studies have shown that a feedback with mostly negative things discourages any kind of future efforts. Because of this, it’s important to highlight the positive things in the employee’s activity as well. Try to find a balance between the things you need to tell to the employee. However, don’t use the sandwich technique. It has been statistically proven that it’s useless. This happens because people only tend to hear the first part of what you’re saying, and if it’s a positive one, they won’t listen to the negative one.

What to Say: “I am really grateful for all the effort you made for this project. Even though there were some small problems with it, we couldn’t have done it without you.”

3. State Your Opinion

An important thing to remember when looking for constructive feedback examples is that you must mention it’s your opinion. Many employees tend to think that this is the entire management’s opinion. Instead, reassure them that what you are telling them is your opinion and/or suggestions.

What to Say: “In my opinion, you should…”, “I think it’s better to do…”, “If I were you, I would improve…”

4. Criticize the Behavior, not the Person

One of the most common mistakes is to criticize the person you are giving feedback to. Criticizing the person will only make their self-esteem go down. Moreover, they will not trust themselves they’re able to perform other tasks or to improve their work. Focus only on the problem and talk about what was wrong with the way they performed the task.

What to Say: “I think the problem could have been approached differently…”, “Instead of doing this, doing that may be more effective…”


These are constructive feedback examples any manager can implement if they pay attention to details such as phrasing and diplomacy. It’s important to make employees aware of their mistakes, but also provide them with the proper tools to solve the issues that appear. Remember to follow up on them and see what has improved and what not.

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Author: Amanda Knowles