Compartmentalization: The Trick to Maintaining Sanity as an Aspiring Entrepreneur

young woman juggling with many responsibilities

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you probably have to juggle with a lot of responsibilities in your life. It isn’t just the pressure of having a great career. It’s also the pressure of balancing that career with many other aspects of your life. Sometimes, it can become quite difficult to deal with everything at once. Which is why some things tend to get left out. A lot of people feel overwhelmed by the mere idea of having many things on their plate, let alone actually taking care of each of them. The answer to some of the problems described above is compartmentalization. Today, we’re going to tell you what compartmentalization is and how you can achieve it.

The trick to successful compartmentalization is to know when it’s time to switch focus to something else.

What Is Compartmentalization?

While the simplest definition of compartmentalization would be to divide something – anything – into more sections, when it comes to compartmentalizing your life, the meaning goes beyond that. Compartmentalization becomes a defense mechanism. It’s your way of coping with an overwhelming amount of different things that you should be taking care of.

The idea of compartmentalization as a defense mechanism might be a bit problematic, since it seems like you’re denying certain realities. Which is why you have to pay a lot of attention when you compartmentalize. Don’t completely push out other aspects of your life while you’re focusing on a specific one.

How to Compartmentalize Successfully

Before getting into a couple of tips and tricks to help you compartmentalize, you should know that you can do that to any aspect of your life. You can compartmentalize relationships, business projects, leisure time, and so on.

1. Isolate the Problem

The first step to compartmentalizing is to decide on one thing that’s important for you at the moment and isolate it from all other things that are clamoring for your attention. Whenever you catch yourself thinking about other issues, remind yourself what your priority is. Of course, this won’t be easy, especially at the beginning, but in time, you’ll manage to form a certain routine.

2. Focus for Short Periods of Time

As we’ve mentioned above, you should avoid spending too much time focusing on only one compartment in your life. The trick to successful compartmentalization is to know when it’s time to switch focus to something else. Try to exercise as much control as possible over the situation. Don’t allow compartmentalization to become a permanent escape from your other problems.

3. Move on to the Next Compartment

The decision of when to move on to the next compartment really depends on each individual person. However, you should try to do so when you feel like you’ve made some progress in what you’re currently working on.

4. Get Your Priorities Straight

A lot of times, people become overwhelmed simply because they’re trying to pay attention to every single detail in their lives. The truth is that certain things don’t deserve compartmentalization. Decide what the most important things for you are at the moment. Then, learn to say no to all the others.

We hope this short yet comprehensive guide on how to successfully compartmentalize your life will help you get some perspective and learn how to tackle one issue at a time.

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Author: Amanda Knowles