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How to Set Up a Client Feedback Survey for Your Customers

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Client surveying is one of the most important practices any business should engage in. After all, businesses are client-oriented and they rely on customers to survive. Without customer satisfaction, no business will thrive for long. Which is why managers and business owners should focus on gathering as much feedback from their customers as possible. What is one of the best ways to do that, you ask? It’s through a client feedback survey. Anyone can devise surveys, but not everyone can ask the right questions to elicit meaningful answers. Here is how you can set up a great client feedback survey.

If you want people who take your survey to focus on the task at hand, ask short and to the point questions.

Setting Up a Client Feedback Survey: The Basics

#Make Sure a Lot of People Can Reach It

The truth is that people are not usually interested in taking surveys. Let alone actively looking for them. Most individuals feel like surveys are wasting their time, so they don’t give them a second glace. Which means that if you want many people to take your survey, you’re going to have to make it as accessible as possible. For instance, you should consider the fact that many people are online via their smartphones as opposed to their computers. If you don’t make your survey accessible to mobile devices, you’re going to lose a lot of potential leads.

#Don’t Make It Too Long

As we’ve already mentioned, people don’t want to sacrifice their free time to take surveys. Which means that if you have to set one up, you should at least make it as short as possible. Not to mention the fact that if the survey is too long, some people might lose their concentration and provide you with less meaningful answers. If you want people who take your survey to focus on the task at hand, ask short and to the point questions. Moreover, try not to ask more than 10 customer feedback questions and limit the amount of writing the client has to do.

#Inform People of the Reason Behind the Survey

If there’s something that can make people even less interested in your survey, that’s you not mentioning its objective. Customers who usually take surveys want to know why you’re asking for their opinion before providing it to you. You don’t have to devise a long and boring explanation as to why you decided to set up the survey. Just stick to one sentence, such as “we are looking to improve our customer service, which is why we need your feedback”.

#Make the Survey Personal

A lot of companies rely on anonymous surveys, in hopes that they will elicit more honest answers. In fact, the exact opposite is true. People are most likely to be honest if they know their identity is available for you to see. That’s because they feel a certain amount of responsibility. Moreover, they might tend to think harder about the answers they’re going to give. This is especially useful to you as a business owner, because you’ll be able to tell who your audience is and what you can do to improve your service.

The next time you want to devise a client feedback survey, go back to our tips and tricks and use them to help you get valuable input.

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Author: Amanda Knowles