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4 Cheap Business Ideas for Creating a Startup with Minimal Investment

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New paths in life don’t have to be paved in money. If you’ve always nurtured some secret hope of one day starting a business of your own – yes, it will fall onto you to boss yourself around – finances shouldn’t be an issue. History is rich with stories of cheap business ideas that flourished into bewildering realities. We’re not talking about the odd jobs that pay a few bills and nothing in between.

Below we’ve handpicked a few cheap business ideas that will cost you less than a meal in town to start and ultimately develop.

Cheap Business Ideas That Won’t Dig Too Deep into Your Wallet

Tour guide

How well can you find your bearings in your own city? Do you know it like it’s your backyard? Stories have spun their webs over any corner of the world. Tourism is undergoing a style changeover, with travelers more interested in the local feel and personalized tours of foreign lands.

As far as cheap business ideas go, tour guiding offers one of the most pleasurable and gratifying experiences. First, you won’t spend your days in the confines of a cubicle. Secondly, all the tools to get you started lie at your fingertips. Social media is your business card. Facebook can set you up with a page where you can list your work hours. Remember! Tourists secretly hope for an exotic performance, so deliver a city tour worthy of their great expectations!

Elderly Companion

The senior population is on the increase, with more than 50 million people in the US over 65 years old alone and in need of company. A lot of families are looking for elderly care for their dear ones. In-home care agencies carry price tags of up to $30 an hour. If you can promote yourself as the ideal elder companion, you may leave the middle man aside and start your own business.

You will be required to give some assistance with basic daily tasks while the family is not around. Seniors need an uplifting and cheerful spirit that can bring some warmth into their lonely days.

Interior designer

An average salary for an interior designer ranges between $50,000 and $60,000 per year. Not bad for stepping a new threshold in life. Both domestic homeowners and the big corporations are looking for innovative design and a living/ working space that feels comfortable, organic, and productive.

Once you’ve searched and won a bid on a new project, let your employer’s requirements and goals draw the plan. You can also set your own guidelines. For example, you might only agree to environmentally sustainable projects where the floors are made of bamboo and the central heating system roots in the deep ground.

Life Coach

If this job sounds like no sweat, maybe you haven’t run the extra mile yet. Life coaching may be one of those cheap business ideas that will put you on your own payroll, but the work is worth the money. You will essentially be a guru. A mentor in life. Something akin a parental figure who will, for once, boost the seeker’s sense of self-worth and self-confidence.

With such great power comes great responsibility. It’s no wonder then that approximately 39% of coaches in North America are 55 or older. If you have your own life lessons to impart that you think might be of service to others, you can charge up to $250 an hour for sharing them.

Whether you’re just starting on a few cheap business ideas or you’re ready for something different to culminate your career, a few bucks should be enough, if properly invested, to get you a ticket to financial independence.

Author: Amanda Knowles