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6 Characteristics of Millennials in the Workplace to Understand Them Better

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Millennials proved to be quite a challenge in offices all throughout the world. Many managers who don’t belong to this generation are having a hard time understanding and motivating them. For this reason, today we are going to have a look at the characteristics of millennials in the workplace.

Characteristics of Millennials in the Workplace that Help You Motivate Them

1. Looking for Meaning

The millennials are a generation that is looking for meaning. In the opinion of most of them, a meaningful job means that they achieve the quality they want for their lives, as well as making an impact on others. For this reason, as a manager, you should show them what is the meaning of their work and why they should do it.

2. Challenging Hierarchies

Many people think millennials disrespect authority, but this is not entirely true. From their standpoint, the best results come from challenging structures and ideas. They are used to expressing their opinions and ideas anytime, and even to contradict their superiors. Offering them this freedom in the workplace is essential.

3. Looking for a Mentor

More than having a boss, millennials constantly look for a mentor. Ideally, they want to have a mentor and a friend in their managers. In this way, they can become comfortable asking for advice or feedback. Moreover, it’s good for the superiors as well to maintain a relationship that implies good communication with the employees.

4. Born with Technology

One of the most important characteristics of millennials in the workplace is being tech savvy. They were born with technology and are digitally native. The best part here is that they know how to value social media and acknowledge the importance it has for a company. Obviously, they dislike companies who ban these platforms, which they perfectly know how to use.

5. Open to Changes

One of the most appreciated characteristics of millennials in the workplace is the fact that they love changes. They were born in a very dynamic world, and their work ethics follow this line. This isn’t a bad thing at all if you’re working in an equally dynamic field. However, it might be interpreted as a bad thing if they get bored quickly.

6. Focusing on the Tasks

Millennials don’t care so much about the schedule. They are more focused on doing the tasks they must do and getting their feedback. 89% of them declared that they want to have the freedom to choose where and when to work instead of being forced into a 9 – 5 job. This isn’t a bad thing, but if you’re keen on measuring the time they spend, it might become a challenge.


All in all, millennials are not as hard to work with as it might seem. The main differences between them and the previous generations are the fact that they focus on tasks rather than on the time spent in the office, their openness towards new things, and their skills with technology. Meanwhile, it’s important to offer them some meaning and to create a friendly workplace.

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Author: Amanda Knowles