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4 Business Writing Course Options You Should Look Into

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Business writing is slowly but surely becoming a skill that you should have, especially if you work in the corporate world. From writing business emails, to drafting reports, and other types of documents, having a certain amount of knowledge in this field will always be a plus. But how can you develop this skill? Well, you could always take a business writing course. Fortunately, there are plenty of business writing courses out there that will teach you everything you have to know. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 4 of them.

What Business Writing Course Should I Choose?

1. Business Writing Skills by Business Writing Center

This course aims to teach you everything you should know in order to write business documents like a pro. The course focuses on all kinds of business documents, from letters, to memos, reports, emails, and so on. It promises to teach you how to sound clear and professional every time you write something at work. There are 12 practice activities in this course and 4 writing examinations. You will also get plenty of feedback related to what skills you have mastered and which still need some work. Another bonus is that at the end of the course, you will get a certification that attests to your efforts. And people who have taken this course seem really satisfied with the outcome, which only makes us trust it more.

2. High-Impact Business Writing by Coursera

Another business writing course that wants to help you express your thoughts in a professional and concise manner, this one relies on reading, watching videos, and taking quizzes. You will also get a certification, and you will learn the basics of business writing in no time. For instance, you will be taught how to identify the objective of your writing, and you will be introduced to the ways in which you can make that objective clear to the reader. The course will also focus on writing mistakes, so that you know what to avoid. Plus, it will tackle every possible type of business document that you might need to write at work.

3. Business Writing by Management Concepts

This business writing course is targeted more to people who are already extremely familiar with the basic writing skills. As a result, it will simply focus on polishing your business writing skills, so that you are able to communicate effectively and build your own personal writing style. You will learn how to adapt your writing style according to your audience. You will also get plenty of practice writing business letters, emails, and memos. Plus, the course will teach you how to self-edit your work, and how to incorporate feedback from other people in order to refine your skill.

4. Business Writing I from Online-learning.com

What you can expect from this course is a full guide to the basics of business writing. You will start by learning the different formats that each business document should have, and how you should make their content clear for the reader. This includes using the active voice, being consistent and concise. The course provides you with 3 practical assignments as well, so you can get a feel of what it’s like to write a business document. Plus, as an added bonus, they offer a grammar refresher unit.

We hope that if you’re looking for some useful business writing courses, you will find the ones provided by us appropriate for your needs. We think that each of them has the ability to teach you what you want to know about business writing.

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Author: Amanda Knowles