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Top 3 Business Ideas for Teens in Need of an Extra Buck

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If you are a teenager and you’re already thinking of starting a business, you’re surely way ahead of others in the demographic. Some of these business ideas don’t require you to be qualified in a certain field so if you have some skills you could put to good use, there’s plenty of options for you to choose from. If you have a flair for entrepreneurship, it’s never too late to start gaining experience and see what you could do best. So, we’ve listed the top 3 business ideas for teens that could get you started on the path to success.

3 Easy Business Ideas for Teens

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has grown immensely over the years and it is now a platform that is available across the globe. Starting a channel is free and you gain instant access to audiences from different parts of the world. You can make plenty of research by looking at what popular YouTube channels do. Figure out what formula works best and transform it into your own. The platform is already great if you are an aspiring film maker but you can also post tutorials on a topic you are knowledgeable about, make podcasts or post social commentary. As you attract more viewers, revenue through ads could become a stable source of income.

Become a Social Media Consultant

All of us use some type of social media to stay in touch with the latest trends. If you have an affinity for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and you know your stuff, you could put that knowledge to good use. Look up on the Internet information about how you can use social media to help businesses and decide on one area to specialize in.

Currently, there’s a lot of demand for social media consultants to help business connect with their clients and gain online exposure. There are plenty of consulting firms out there specifically set on helping their clients with their social media presence. So, if you’re up to date on this topic, you can already announce you are available as a consultant. You can also visit local businesses and offer your services at a discounted price. It’s a very lucrative area and getting an early stuff will only benefit you!

Craft Beautiful Jewelry

This is a great starting idea for those who have some artistic skills. There are plenty of books on the subject if you don’t quite know what materials to use and how to best shape them. As always, practice makes perfect so don’t worry if you don’t get them right from the very beginning. Start with beads or silver if you’re not yet sure of the designs so you save some money in case of a mishap.

Custom jewelry can be very attractive, especially if the handcrafted element is visible. Etsy has very interesting products that can inspire you if you decide on this option and is a very safe and intuitive site to start selling your own.

Final Words

We hope these business ideas for teens inspired you. Making something of your own will give you experience and confidence in yourself in the long run. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and test how far you can go. You don’t have to get a job at the closest fast food to start your career. There’re so many options out there and they’re only waiting for you to try them out!

Image source: Pixabay.

Author: Amanda Knowles