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Five Ways to Get More Brand Mentions Organically


Under normal circumstances, any company would like to generate some brand mentions. These are comments over the online medium from people that loved your brand and mentioned the name of your company. These can appear in a blog post, social media post, website article or any other such content. The main reason businesses want to see more of those is brand awareness. Therefore, let’s see how you can get more of brand mentions in an organic way.

1. Choose and Master the Right Platforms

Nowadays, there are many social giants that managed to attract a large pool of users. To reach several pools of consumers at the same time, many companies decided to create numerous profiles and post same content on them all.

However, it isn’t that simple. Each social network comes with its own unique ecosystem. As such, it developed certain social codes that most users are respecting. Therefore, one post may hit the jackpot with LinkedIn. However, the same one might not appeal to Snapchat public.

As a consequence, you can stop wasting precious energy and focus on a limited number of platforms that suit your business best. Even some obscure social outlets can help you. This step might not get you brand mentions directly. However, it will help you specialize in one website and create custom content to lure in more customers.

2. Create Content

Once you identified the online locations that are truly leveraging your business, it is time to populate them with content. The goal of this stage is not to let users forget about you. The internet is overloaded with information and entertaining pieces. Thus, if you even manage to create one viral thread, it won’t be enough to stick in people’s minds in the long term.

However, coming up daily or even weekly with quality content that comes from your field of expertise will make you memorable and a useful source of information.

3. Respect the 80/20 Rule

One of the dilemmas of online marketing is what kind of content and how much of it you should post. The rule of thumb suggests that 80% of your posts should be entertaining. Try to come up with shared pieces or original articles created in-house that can inspire people throughout the day.

Once you manage to entertain your public, there should be nothing else stopping you from asking them for a favor. Use the rest of 20% of your allocated posts to request exactly what you want, which is brand mentions. This is called the Pareto principle and has ramifications in almost all fields and industries.

4. Create Online Events

The best example to describe this method is a giveaway. Depending on your type of business, you can encourage people to discover your official website and learn more about your products or services. In exchange for their efforts, you can reward them with small tokens of appreciation. These can be a chance to win something from your own range of products or something similar.

This way, you entice your social public to create brand awareness. If they really enjoy what they are learning, there are chances they will mention your brand in their digital social activities.

5. Interact with Your Followers

In this world of fast communication, there’s nothing more disappointing than a business with an online activity that doesn’t respond to their followers. This shows signs of ignorance and disrespect to the most important part of any company which is the public.

Therefore, you should make it a habit of answering to all comments. Even though they don’t particularly ask a question, you can let them know that you are there for them and appreciate their support. This business demeanor shows engagement.

This direction will encourage people to leave their feedback. Don’t forget to show appreciation for positive reviews and empathy and lucidity for negative comments.


Collecting brand mentions organically entails mostly building a relationship with your target public in the online and real environment as well. This is because nobody will ever bother for an entity that is passive. This requires lots of efforts, but in the end, it will pay off for both parties.

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Author: Amanda Knowles