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Bing for Business: Step by Step Guide

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Many entrepreneurs might want to learn to use Bing for business. If you are one of them, stay tuned because in what follows, we will provide a complete guide for you. In 2011, Bing launched a new local listings tool for all business owners. The new tool is called Bing Business Portal and might surpass many of Google’s features.

When you visit this portal, you can develop a new Bing business listing or edit your existing listing.

Basic Business Information

The form contains the standard fields like Name, Phone, Address, Category and also basic contact info. Near the bottom of the pace, you can find fields for your Twitter and Facebook profiles.

This form also features a field at the bottom to place your company logo. Make sure you do not mistake that for photo uploads because they are different. Furthermore, you may also list additional email addresses or phone numbers for different departments or purposes.

Business Specialties

After a business owner chooses the category, they can also select specific business specialties. Bing includes several sliders where the entrepreneur can indicate the most important specialties. The sliders add up to 100%. Therefore, when you make one specialty, the others you have already selected become less important.

Free Mobile Website

Bing provides free mobile websites to any business owner as part of their Bing Business Portal. Small business owners can use the included QR code in their advertizing. The form contains fields about ‘products’ that you need to fill in. For instance, restaurant owners can use this field to add the products from the menu and the prices.

The mobile website includes three tabs: the products, an ‘address’ button, and a ‘call’ button. Furthermore, you can also use the preview tool to see how it will all look like.

Bing Business Portal's first page with explanations regarding the registration process

Use Bing for business and watch your firm evolve, being known by everyone.

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After you upload the company logo in its designated field, you should also upload photos. You can use the Bing local listing to attach up to 9 photos.

More Business Info

This field must contain your business’ description, and it allows you to type in plenty of text. Your description should contain the open hours for your business, the correct position of your business on the map and other details.

Check Your Listing

In the end, a help graphic will list three verification types, namely snail mail, email or phone. The verification process will be faster compared to other business portals. If you select snail mail, Bing indicates that you will receive a letter at your address in about 3-4 business days.

To complete verification, you need to include a PIN number to have access to the Business Portal. Most likely, phone verification is the fastest way.

After a verified listing, the QR code can be downloaded through the Business Portal. Furthermore, small business owners can also develop different kinds of deals in the Bing Business Portal. However, these deals can be provided in a limited time span.

Summing up

If you are a young entrepreneur who tries to help their business grow, then you should use Bing for business. Make sure you follow all the steps to be able to use the portal.

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Author: Amanda Knowles