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Top 5 Best Practices for Landing Pages As Seen by Experts

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A landing page is a thing that can make or break a good relationship with a user. This is the element that influences their further actions and their opinion about the company. Because it’s such an important thing to keep in mind, today we are going to have a look at what various experts in the field have to say about the best practices for landing pages.

Best Practices for Landing Pages to Keep in Mind

1. Use Videos and Images

There’s a reason why they say ‘an image is worth 1000 words’. Video content is usually more attractive and this can be seen in the number of users that take some action on your website. One of the best practices for landing pages is to place a video or an image under the main headline, on the left. Author, sales and traffic expert Perry Marshall says that it’s a great thing to do, especially if you choose something that looks professional. The video must be rather short and avoid it being boring.

2. Use a Good Headline

Naturally, the headline is the first thing people see when entering your website. The bet here is huge since your text must get people’s attention instantly. It must quickly summarize your offer and thus convince people to stay on the page for a while. According to Jonathan Long, the founder of Market Domination Media, it’s a good idea to test the headline as well. Monitor it and see when the audience reacts best to your headline.

3. Customize Landing Pages

Another one of the best practices for landing pages you should keep in mind is creating custom ones. AJ Kumar teaches us that it’s better to make different pages for different target audiences. He is an entrepreneur, author, and CEO for Limitless Publishing, so he knows a lot about this topic. According to him, the information presented on the landing page should be tailored to your target audience’s needs, which is why you need to adapt it.

4. Don’t Disappoint People

One of the worst things you could do is to promise people something on the landing page and then not deliver it. If you have a pitch that promises something, like an e-book, a ticket, a guide, etc., make sure the user has access to it right away. Ann Handley is a COO at MarketingProfs, as well as a co-author of a book on content marketing, and she claims it’s important to deliver what you promise. She also quotes a study that showed the most successful landing pages matched the promotional message in the call to action.

5. Focus on an Action

When designing your landing page, you should focus on a specific action you want your users to follow. This should be the focus of all your efforts to direct people to do something you want them to do. For example, you can convince them to buy a product, enter a contest, sign up for a newsletter, give you feedback, etc. As the CEO of the Internet Marketing Center, Derek Gehl advises people to focus on one action at a time and not ruin it by complicating things.


It’s not easy to follow the best practices for landing pages. However, the tips above come from great experts in the field and you should follow them. Make sure your landing page is attractive and focused on your target audience.

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Author: Amanda Knowles