The Best Password Manager for All Your Projects

The Best Password Manager for All Your Projects

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When it comes to passwords, there are a few things you should never do. For example, you should never use a password such as ‘1234’, your birthday or the word ‘password’ in itself. In the same way, you should never use the same password for all your accounts. But if these are the things you shouldn’t do, which are the things you should do? Among other things, you should use the best password manager you can find. Here are the top choices.

The Best Password Manager Choices

#1. Dashlane 4

The price for this password manager starts at $35, 99. Dashlane 4 supports PC, iOS, and Android. It has automated password change for some 500 sites. It also supports an advanced type of form-filling, digital legacy, and it also captures receipts when it comes to online shopping.

The con for this best password manager is the fact that the passwords which the manager generates automatically are not so secure.

#2. Zoho Vault

Zoho Vault allows users to share and transfer logins. Another piece of good news about it is the fact that it has a free version available online for download. The downside of this password manager is the fact that it only works for Firefox and Chrome. Apart from that, Zoho will not import your passwords from the browsers you use, and it has no ability to fill forms.

#3. LastPass 4.0

The great thing about LastPass is that it can sync passwords coming from all your devices. The password changing with this manager is automated, and the security report is actionable. It also has password inheritance and enhanced password sharing.

LastPass’ major con is the fact that the default settings for its generator are not completely secure.

#4. Sticky Password Premium

The reason why we chose Sticky as an entry on our best password manager list is the fact that it does everything it advertises and more. One of its best features is the idea that, with Sticky, if you choose the no-cloud Wi-Fi sync option, your passwords will never go outside your home network.

Sticky also manages all your application passwords and offers fingerprint authentication for mobile.

#5. Keeper Password Manager and Digital Vault 8

Keeper offers secure file storage, secure sharing of both data and logins, and the handling of oddball login pages. Apart from all this, Keeper also runs on all the devices available on the market. However, as far as cons go, Keeper will not rate the strength of your password. In the same way, the password capture and the replay are not entirely automated.

In the end, the best password manager is the one which will satisfy your personal needs. Therefore, you can go ahead and try them all and see which ones fits you best.

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Author: Amanda Knowles