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What Is the Best Online Business to Start from Home?

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Online businesses are a great way of making extra money while you follow your entrepreneur dream. But what is the best online business to start from home? Today we are going to see a couple of suggestions on this topic.

What Is the Best Online Business to Start from Home in 2017?

1. SEO Consultant

Are you experienced in SEO strategies? Then this might be the right business for you. There are lots of company owners who are not aware of the benefits of having a good SEO consultant. You can offer online advice for SEO or even implement your strategies for their websites.

2. Business Coach

There are plenty of people who have a great deal of experience in business but don’t want to have their own company anymore. If you are one of them, you can start coaching other people. Use your skills and give useful advice to new business owners. Moreover, you can also work with some experienced entrepreneurs to help them keep up with the increasing demand.

3. Retailer

It’s hard to decide what is the best online business to start from home, but being a retailer is certainly in the top three. Whether you want to create things yourself, such as jewelry, dolls, clothes, etc, or you choose to intermediate selling for other people, you can set up this online business with a simple web-hosting service. Make sure that you have a feature with an integrated shopping cart or an e-commerce software.

4. Social Media Consultant

Large companies prefer to hire an agency or a full-time member to take care of the social media accounts. However, small businesses tend to neglect this aspect, so you can cater to them. You can help them choose the best tactics and strategies, as well as the type of content. If the number of followers grows, this will make both you and the customer happy.

5. Web Design

You must know that a poorly designed website can affect your credibility and your profit. If you know how to design a simple website, you can set up a small business helping people get a professional website. For this, you need to have a large portfolio and then have a beautiful website yourself to convince people.

6. Resume Writing

Another candidate for the best online business is a resume writing service. Many people don’t know how to take advantage of their experience, and a good resume or cover letter can prove to be essential. You might think it’s easy to make a list of your previous experience, but the way in which you present it makes all the difference. Moreover, you can expand to helping people with their LinkedIn profiles as well.


The 6 suggestions above are all useful tips. But what is the best online business to start from home? There is only one right answer to this for you and it depends on your skills. If you have the chance of making an online business out of your passion, you should take advantage of it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles