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Top 4 Best LinkedIn Profiles to Inspire You

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LinkedIn has gained plenty of popularity recently, being marketed as the best place to connect to important people in the industry and find job opportunities. However, not everybody knows how to create the most attractive profile to enjoy all the benefits. Today we are going to have a look at the best LinkedIn profiles and see what is so special about them.

Best LinkedIn Profiles to Help You Improve Your Own

1. Rebekah Wilhite

Rebekah Wilhite currently works as HR Generalist at The Apothecarium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Why is her summary so important though? A couple of interesting things you should retain from here are:

  • The conversational tone;
  • Reasons why she loves what she’s doing;
  • Personal facts;
  • Open to connections.

However, if you want to follow her example, you should be careful with the balance between personal and professional information.

2. Marie Mikhail

Number 2 on our list is Marie Mikhail’s profile. She works as a recruiter at JP Talent Solutions in Chicago, Illinois. What attracts our attention on her profile is the fact that she mentions and boosts the company she is currently working on there, which is important. But there are other things that make it one of the best LinkedIn profiles you can find:

  • Personal information that candidates can use to create a connection;
  • Specific about the roles she recruits for;
  • Reasons for which she chose this job;
  • Open to connections.

3. Andrew Cesarz

Andrew Cesarz works as a Senior Recruiter Lead at Uber, in San Francisco. It’s important to look at his profile if you want to learn more about creating the best one for yourself. What makes us hover over his summary is the fact that he is very clear about the roles he recruits for and why, just like Marie. At the same time, he mentions previous work experience by talking about his achievements, namely advancing in the company. Other things to keep in mind:

  • He attracts candidates by promising them the best recruiting experience;
  • He adds links to the brand media and the employer where he’s currently working.

4. Rachel Ferguson

As a recruiter at Aramco Services Company in Houston, Texas, Rachel Ferguson surely knows how to make one of the best LinkedIn profiles. The main thing to be noted from her profile is that she manages to summarize all her work experience in just a couple of words. Moreover, she doesn’t leave her current job with a boring description, but she explains how and why she recruits people. Other things to remember:

  • She states clearly whom she wants to recruit;
  • She gives people several ways of connecting with her, including a link to the jobs available at Aramco.


As we have seen, the four people we presented above know how to write an attractive, yet complex summary. Most of the time, this relies on using a conversational tone and appearing as friendly to potential job seekers. Finally, it’s important to briefly mention your work experience and detail what skills you have gained throughout the years. Don’t forget to add as many contact information as you can, as well as any links people might find useful.

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Author: Amanda Knowles