Brilliant! The 12 Best Life Hacks You've Never Heard Of

Brilliant! The 12 Best Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Of

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Do you often find yourself getting bogged down with the annoying little things in life? Our 12 insanely easy best life hacks can help. No, we can’t send your bad boss a one-way ticket to the South Pole. But these tips and tricks can definitely assist your efforts to streamline your life.

Our lives become routine. We have daily struggles, schedules and things that have to be done. The problem is that when we’ve got a lot on our plate, the little annoyances in life can drain us. We’re talking about things like taming wayward pot lids and maximizing scarce kitchen counter space. When we reduce friction in our lives, our days go more smoothly and we’re happier.

Life hacks are those ingenious little solutions to problems we never knew we had. But once we apply them, we wonder how we ever did without them.

The 12 Best Life Hacks for Streamlining Your Life

If you want to make life easier, read on. Our 12 best life hacks ca We will show you some new things that will make you laugh, roll your eyes and say to yourself “why didn’t I think of that?!”

1. Rubber Band Paint Wiper

There’s nothing like painting a room to quickly transform your space without breaking the bank. But what about all the paint drips getting everywhere?

When painting you don’t need to take time out to pour the paint from the can to a tray just to have a way to wipe the excess paint from the brush. Instead, leave the paint in the can and wrap a large rubber band around the can. When you dip the brush in the paint remove it wiping the brush over the rubber band.

With the rubber band in the middle of the can, the excess will return to the can and you will have a no fuss no mess method for getting the den painted without a lot of extra steps or spills.

Photo of paint can with rubber bank hack.

Best life hacks #1. To avoid messy paint jobs, use a simple rubber band as a paint brush wiper. Image: Double Duty Divulge via Facebook.

2. Poke Holes in Safety Seals

When you buy liquids most of the caps have a tamper-evident seal under the lid. Instead of ripping the seal off (after you make the purchase and get it home), poke a hole in the seal.

Now when you tip it up and squeeze, you won’t have to worry about having too much product come out. The seal will stay in place and the product will come out of the hole. This will make the product last longer and in some instances will help get the product where it needs to be.

This will work on many liquid items. Rubbing alcohol or peroxide, for instance. It will also help in the kitchen when pouring vegetable oil into the pan without having to empty some out because too much came out.

3. Expand Your Closet with Can Tabs

If you have limited closet space or if you just have too many hanging clothes for the closet space you do have, start saving your soda can pull tabs. When you pull the tab off the can, you will notice it has two holes.

Slide one hole over the hook of a hanger. You can then hang a second hanger in the other hole. This will allow you to hang more items in the same amount of space. It is also a great trick for keeping items together. You can hang pants on one hanger and the matching shirt on the other.

Getting dressed in the morning is now easier because you only have to pull out the one hanger and your entire outfit is in your hands ready to go.

Photo of soda tabs used on hangers to increase closet space.

Best life hacks #3. You can use soda can tabs to make double hangers and increase your closet space. Image: Tranquil Spaces via Facebook.

4. Heat Multiple Items In The Microwave At The Same Time

Instead of waiting for the microwave to be done to put the next dish in, only to wait again, reheat with a coffee mug in the microwave.

Place a coffee mug in the microwave and use it as a shelf next to the first dish. Having a bowl of soup for you next to the mug with a bowl of soup for your spouse on top of the mug means you only have to heat once and feed both of you.

You can use different size mugs or other microwave safe items to add height to the microwave turntable and cook more than one item at a time.

5. Frozen Binder Clips

When you have bags of vegetables, french fries and popsicles, you know how scary it is to open the freezer door fast enough to catch them before they fall out and splat on the floor.

Instead of playing catch with your frozen bags, use binder clips to hang the bags on the rack shelf in the freezer.

This will keep the bags from piling up and creating an avalanche of frozen peas then next time you open the door. It will also make more space in the freezer and keep your frozen items organized and easier to locate.

Bags of frozen food neatly clipped to bars on freezer shelf.

Best life hacks #5. Binder clips for keeping frozen food bags nice and neat. Image: Organize Me via Facebook.

6. Increase Your Kitchen Counter Space

When you are preparing a meal in a smaller kitchen, you may find that you will quickly run out of counter space. This isn’t good when you still have food to prep. Instead of constantly moving things around and from putting things on the floor, use a drawer.

Open a drawer and place a cutting board on top of it. Instantly added counter space and the ability to chop your veggies all in one.

This is also helpful for serving. If you have a make-your-own style meal, such as taco night, you can use this hack to use as the prep area instead of trying to fit all the taco ingredients on the counter and still have enough room for your plate.

Photo of cutting board on top of open drawer for extra counter space.

Best life hacks #6. For extra counter space, pull one of your drawers and put your cutting board on top. Image: Samm Davis via Pinterest.

7. Dunk Your Oreos into Milk with a Fork.

When you eat Oreos, you want to dip them in a nice cold glass of milk. The problem is this only works well for the first few cookies. Then we either drink too much milk and can’t reach to dip anymore, or our fingers get too cold and we end up making a mess.

Instead of fingers, use a fork! Just stab the tines into the cream filling and you have a cookie on a dipping handle. You can even feed yourself with the fork and eliminate any chance of a mess or dropping the cooking in the bottom of the glass.

Photo with person dunking an oreo into milk with a fork.

Best life hacks #7. To avoid soggy cookie crumbs on your fingers, dunk your Oreos with a fork. Image: Get it Free via Facebook.

8. Towel Racks Inside the Cabinet Doors

If you hate trying to stack your pots and pans while maintaining the location of your lids, use towel racks mounted on the inside of your cabinet doors.

Once mounted you can place your pan lids on the racks and they will stay out of the way and easily located. You don’t have to pull everything out to find that one lid that only fits that one pan.

Pot lids stored on a towel rack on the inside door of a cabinet.

Best Life Hacks #8. Install towel racks on the inside of your cabinet doors for storing pot lids. Image: My Home Ideas via Facebook.

9. Pool Noodle Boots

If you have a lot of shoes in your closet, you may find that your boots flop over and eventually end up buried under the rest. When you need to find them, you have to get on your hands and knees and pull out everything just to find the right boot when you already have the left.

The hack is to cut a pool noodle and slide them inside the boot. This will keep the boot upright and prevent them from falling over creating ugly creases and getting lost in the process.

Photo showing how to keep boots upright with pool noodles.

Best life hacks #9. Keep your boots standing upright with pool noodles. Image: Organized Living via Facebook.

10. Photocopy Drill Holes

When you have to hang items that have specific mounting holes you don’t need to try and look behind the item as you hold it up to the wall. Instead, photocopy or scan and print the back of the item and put the picture on the wall.

You can drill through the paper in the exact position the holes need to be. If you don’t need to drill, poke a hole in the paper and use a pencil or marker to mark where the holes go.

When you remove the paper, your screws will be in the perfect spot and you can simply hang the item where it goes.

Photo with using a photo copy as a template for drilling holes to mount an object on your wall.

Best life hacks #9. Photocopy or scan and print the back of the item you’re mounting into the wall. You can then drill holes and mount the screws exactly where they need to go. Image: Topline via Facebook.

11. Lip Balm Bandage

If you cut yourself shaving, you might normally walk around with little bits of toilet paper stuck to your face or legs. Likewise, if you get a paper cut, you may find that it stings when the air hits it or bleeds for a really long time.

Instead of waiting, trying to fumble with a bandage, just pull out some lip balm. The wax in the lip balm will seal the knick or cut almost instantly.

The good news is that if you forget about it, you won’t show up at the office looking like you got in a fight with a paper towel roll.

12. Banana CD or DVD Repair

CDs and DVDs get scratches. Especially if you have small children, who like to “do it themselves.” When your toddlers favorite sing-a-long DVD is scratched, go to the kitchen.

Peel a banana and use the banana to rub on the CD or DVD. After the scratches have been filled with the banana, use the peel to buff the banana off the surface. Wipe it carefully with a cloth and then with glass cleaner. You will find that the movie is now playable.

On top of all that, you also have a snack for the kiddo when they watch the movie.

In Conclusion

Life hacks can be simple, and make our lives more livable. You don’t always have to spend a lot of money or get specific items designed for a simple purpose. You just have to be willing to think outside the box.

Featured image: CC0 Public Domain via Max Pixel. Lightbulb and thought balloon added.

Author: Jon Stahl