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Top 7 Best Jobs for Introverts

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Being an introvert can become a real problem if you need to get a job. The interview, the social interaction with the colleagues or simply getting used to a new work place are real challenges. So what are the best jobs for introverts?

Best Jobs for Introverts You Can Find

1. Database Administrator

If you love working with databases and you’re an introvert, this is the best job for you. An average annual pay rises to $81,710, which is great. Moreover, you don’t have to interact with other people so much, and after you get used to it, it will be easier.

2. Chef

The role of the chef is to stay in the kitchen and to make excellent food. Unlike other workers in a restaurant, this doesn’t imply having any contact with the customers. The median annual pay for a private chef, for instance, can reach $62,190.

3. Plumber

Though it’s not the dream job, being a plumber is one of the best jobs for introverts. Even if you visit people in their apartments, the interaction will be minimal. Moreover, you can get a job in a company, where they will supply your projects. The median annual pay is around $50,620.

4. Private Investigator

Private investigators are great for finding out things. This means that the job requires patience and the ability to watch people without being seen. As an introvert, you should have no problems with this requirement. What’s best is that it’s not a boring job, and the median annual pay rises up to $45,610.

5. Writer

Writing is yet another one of the best jobs for introverts. You only need to stay behind a desk and write, without having to interact with anybody. And if you’re specialized enough, your payment can be quite good. For instance, the annual pay for a technical writer reaches, on average, $70,240.

6. Mechanic

A mechanic is also a good position for introverted people. You just have to work in the garage and do your magic. The salary varies according to the field, for example, an auto mechanic can gain $37,850 a year, while an aircraft one around $58,370.

7. Freelancing

In case nothing else works, you always have freelancing as a last resort. Of course, this is not available for all fields, but if you love writing, designing or editing, it’s a great choice. Working from home has its own benefits, and communicating in writing relieves a lot of the stress that comes with human interaction. Here there is no medium annual pay since it depends a lot on the field and your work volume.


Even if you’re an introvert fearing a job, don’t worry. There are lots of openings available for this type of people, and some of them are extremely interesting. Surely one of the best jobs for introverts described above suits you. Even if it doesn’t, don’t lose your hope and keep looking. You can even start up your own company and hire only introverted people if you’re brave enough.

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Author: Amanda Knowles