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Top 5 Best Free Website Builder Options in 2017

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In the recent years, free website builders have been gaining more and more momentum. It might seem paradoxical, but even the free builders have paid plans as extensions of opportunities. However, unlike the platforms that are completely paid, the free ones let you take advantage of their opportunities as long as you want to, without having to go through trial periods, for example. You can always switch to a paid plan if you want, but with all the offers on the market, it’s hard to choose just one. Let’s have a look at some of them and choose the best free website builder available!

  1. Wix

This is perhaps the most popular free web builder software around. Its specialty is represented by the HTML 5 websites, so if you’re looking for an easy-to-use builder, this is the right choice. It is also a useful drag & drop website editor. It is suitable for business websites, resumes, online portfolios or personal pages, which makes it one of the candidates for the best free website builder.

  1. Website Builder

Just as the name says, the website builder… builds websites. It is yet another easy to use platform where you can set up your business and/or start-up. It is particularly useful for mobile-friendly websites, and it offers more than 10,000 template combinations, integration with social media, analytics tools and so on. You can get the starter plan for free, while the rest of the packages offer some free ad credits, domain services, and hosting.

  1. IM Creator

This is a professional and free website builder that is at the same time a great ecommerce website builder, as well as some interesting hosting options. If you’re a beginner, then this is the all-in-one package you need. It helps you build interactive websites, as well as setting up a strong presence in the online environment. There were more than 11 million websites built with this platform, which means that it might be the best free website builder software online.

  1. SiteBuilder

Using SiteBuilder, any entrepreneur is able to build their own website or store in just minutes. The free package available on SiteBuilder offers domain registration and free web hosting. There, you will find lots of templates, layouts, and images. You can also use blogs, stores, custom-made forms or portfolios, given that it has a responsive and robust interface.

  1. Sitey

Sitey is a free HTML 5 website builder which is suitable for entrepreneurs and businessmen. You can setup a professional website or store and help extend their business worldwide. The editor is quite intuitive and the overall interface is flexible. The templates are made to fit both laptop and mobile, which helps your website get a boost.

All in all, they are all good free builders, packed with great features. Even if this is good news, this means that it’s hard to choose the best free website builder that is available out there. Judging by popularity, we could say that Wix is the best, since most people are using it, but this is not always the best indicator.

Author: Amanda Knowles