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4 Adaptive Writing Tools You Can Use That Make Writing Easier

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Do you enjoy writing by hand? At the same time, do you find it increasingly difficult to do so? Not everybody is capable of writing a lot without feeling some discomfort and even pain. In fact, even people who can do it would still not call it the most comfortable experience ever. Luckily, there are adaptive writing tools that these people can use to write more easily, and improve their writing experience. If you’re in that situation, here are 4 adaptive writing tools you could try.

4 Adaptive Writing Tools to Make Writing Easier

1. Jumbo Pencil Grip

This writing grip promises to provide people with additional support whenever they need to write something by hand. It’s ergonomic, soft, and extra-large, which makes it extremely comfortable to hold. All you have to do is place it on your writing instrument and start writing. Due to its size, it manages to support your hand up to the second knuckle. It works for both righties and lefties, helping their hand rest in the proper position for writing. If you find it difficult to clench your writing utensil, or if you have decreased dexterity, this pencil grip will revolutionize the way you write.

2. EzGrip ResQ Gel Pen

This gel pen has two features we’re extremely excited about. The first one is its ergonomic shape, which ensures your hand will be resting comfortably while writing. The second one is the fact that you only need to lightly press on it, and it will feel as if it’s writing by itself. You can apply 57% less pressure than you would on a regular pen. Both of these features help reduce writing fatigue. The writing flows smoothly, and the ink dries really quickly. Overall, this is one of the best gel pens you could purchase for a comfortable and fast writing experience.

3. Ergo Sof PenAgain

Another type of pen that focuses on adaptive writing, this one might look strange to some people. Its shape is quite unusual, but it actually fits perfectly in the hand, and it’s extremely comfortable to use. The unique design of the Ergo Sof PenAgain ensures users won’t have to grip it in order to write with it, which is what normally causes writing fatigue and cramping. You only have to hold it, and the weight of your hand will put enough pressure on it for ink to appear on the paper. You’re basically just guiding the pen with your forefinger and thumb.

4. Free Hand Desk Clamp

The last adaptive writing tool we’re going to mention today is the Free Hand Desk Clamp, which is designed to secure your papers, no matter the surface you are writing on. How does it do that? Well, it uses a spring mechanism. This mechanism eliminates the need for you to hold the papers with your hand, which can sometimes be counterproductive to your writing efforts. This tool is easy to attach, and equally as easy to release, not to mention lightweight and portable.

Consider purchasing one or more of these adaptive writing tools, and your writing experience will improve 100 percent.

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Author: Amanda Knowles