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“Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making,” a Must-Read for Business Professionals

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Are you interested in the world of business? Are you constantly looking for new business-related books to read? Then today’s review is definitely something you should check out. The book – or better said books – entitled “Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making” were written by Paul D. Kimmel, Jerry J. Weygandt, and Donald E. Kieso. As the title suggests, they’re targeted primarily to accountants, but other people who are looking for effective tips on business decisions making are more than welcomed to read them. Now, let’s take a look at what you’re going to learn from these books and why you should read them.

“Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making”

The first thing you should know about this book is that there are many editions of it that you can buy. The most recent one is the 8th edition, which appeared in 2016. As expected, the books share the same theme. That theme is basically what tools accountants can use to make effective business decisions, as well as how they can build the confidence to do so.

The Strategy

One of the most important things worth underlining when talking about these books is the authors’ strategy. They rely on a “macro- to micro-“ strategy. Basically, what this means is that instead of starting straight with the Accounting Cycle, they first discuss real financial statements. This is great for people who learn better by reading about concrete examples. The approach is conceptual, and highly based on decision-making.

The Objective

Now that we’ve looked at the strategy the authors use, it’s time to see what their main objective is. They want to establish how users of accounting information receive information about the investing, financing, and operating activities of a certain business through financial statements. The real-world examples work as motivation for understanding how relevant the topics the books cover are for the career of any accountant.

The Audience

A really important thing we should tell you about this series of books is something we’ve already briefly mentioned before, namely that they’re not strictly targeted to professional accountants. For instance, they can also teach young students or people who want to pursue a career in accounting how important this field is, even in their everyday lives. Furthermore, the books don’t only focus on financial accounting, but also on managerial accounting. This means they aim to go through the entire accounting cycle. As a result, the books prove effective for less knowledgeable audiences as well.

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind everything we’ve talked about in today’s article, we would say that the books entitled “Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making” make learning about accounting extremely easy for multiple target groups and types of learners. The authors write in a clear, concise, and conversational manner. They provide enough information to make things clear, but not too much so as to seem overwhelming. Consequently, we recommend reading at least one of the editions of this book, if you want to learn more about accounting from a reliable and straightforward source.

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Author: Amanda Knowles