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Accounting Coach, Their Free Coursework, and Why You Need Them

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Are you thinking about opening a small business, but you can’t afford to pay someone to keep track of your financial data and record your transactions? Then why not do that by yourself? Especially if your business is just taking off, you should be able to be your own accountant. You can simply take an online class that will teach you the basics of accounting and more. Today, we are going to talk about one of the most comprehensive websites that offers accounting coursework, namely Accounting Coach.

A business can increase its cash flow from operations (or operating activities) by looking closely at each of its current assets and current liabilities. – Harold Averkamp

Accounting Coach – Everything You Need to Know About Their Coursework

The Accounting Coach Concept

The Accounting Coach concept was born in 2003. Harold Averkamp, university instructor, consultant, and accountant decided to share his accounting passion and knowledge with people who didn’t want to spend a lot of money on an accounting course. Which is why most of the services he provides are completely free.

If you access the Accounting Coach website, you will be able to choose from three different accounting topics. The topics are bookkeeping, financial, and managerial. Each topic comes with many smaller lessons that you can access for free.


If you go under bookkeeping, you will find topics such as accounting basics, accounting principles, financial statements, balance sheet, income statement, depreciation, nonprofit accounting, stockholders’ equity, and many other. Each topic comes with 4 or 5 free coursework sections. These include the necessary explanations, a quiz, some questions and answers, and crossword puzzles. In some cases, you even get word scrambles. Now, you should know that each topic also has several sections that you have to pay for, such as flashcards, videos, and exams. If you are interested in those options, you can purchase them for $49.


The next section, namely the financial one, includes topics such as debits and credits, adjusting entries, cash flow statement, financial ratios, inventory and cost of goods sold, lower of cost or market, and so on. As in the case of the bookkeeping topics, you get to access 4 or 5 sections for free. Then, you have to pay $49 for the rest. We should mention that paying for those extra sections is not mandatory. You can still learn the basics of accounting from going through their free coursework.


Finally, the last section, namely the managerial one, has topics such as break-even point, evaluating business investments, nonmanufacturing overhead, future value of a single amount, or present value of an ordinary annuity.

Extra Benefits

The Accounting Coach website also has a visual learning section. There, you can pay for video seminars that you can watch online. There are two kinds of seminars, the Understanding Financial Statements one and the Bookkeeping Basics one. You can also enjoy 8 visual tutorials for the same price of $49.

If you are looking for a really cheap yet extremely effective way of learning all about accounting, then you should definitely give The Accounting Coach a chance. You can learn online, from home, and then test your knowledge with their wonderful quizzes.

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Author: Amanda Knowles