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7 Indisputable Signs You Are Your Own Toxic Boss

If you’ve heard the phrase, “You need to get out of your own way,” you know others see you as an underachiever. But when the word ‘toxic’ enters the conversation, you have become a detriment to the productivity of your team and yourself.

Identify the Root Cause of Your Toxic Behavior

There’s a lot of talk about spotting and escaping toxic bosses. But what about the ways we breed toxicity within ourselves?

We hear a lot about spotting and escaping toxic bosses. Bosses who behave in ways that cripple trust, bog down progress, and hold people back from achieving their best work.

You want to run away from these people.

But what about the toxic boss in your own head? Are you willing to recognize the ways you hold yourself back?

You want to grow in your effectiveness as a leader. Begin with how you lead yourself.

Teach yourself to spot the subtle ways you allow toxicity to take root, breed, and undermine your own self-confidence.

Such as when you:


Overthinking can disguise itself as diligent planning. Yes, you need to dot your ‘i’ and cross your ‘t.’

And – yet. Might you – unintentionally, unconsciously – be holding on to and reworking not out of true necessity, but fear?

Trust your gut.

Give yourself permission to experiment.

Plant the imperfect and nourish it now.

You’ve got one precious opportunity to make a real difference. Claim it.


You say yes when you know you should say no. Or, not right now. You ignore your own needs. Soon, the time and energy you’ve promised outstrip what’s actually available.

An honest intention to serve others winds up derailing your ability to serve anyone – including yourself.

We all do this.

Here’s the thing about unrealistic expectations. They set you up for disappointment and let down. They destroy your self-trust. When you’re over-extended and depleted, you can’t rely on your own instincts and decisions.

If you’re good at what you do, many people will take from you more than you should offer. It’s easy to slip into over giving. No one can serve as gatekeeper to your time, focus, and energy. Not an assistant. Not a spouse. Not a child.

Only you can safeguard your most intimate assets.

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Author: Jon Stahl