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6 Tips for Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips

Public speaking anxiety has become one of the major problems people encounter these days. Whether they need it for work, academia or other less formal contexts, everybody is trying hard to learn how to overcome public speaking anxiety. Let’s have a look at the following tips that can help you get over this:

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips to Help You

1. Exercise Before

If you look at public speaking as a stressful activity, then exercising might help you a lot. On the morning when you must hold the speech do some exercising you like. Dance, jog or go to the gym. This will help the body keep stress at bay and make you more relaxed overall.

2. Memorize the Beginning

Although it’s not a good idea in general to memorize the speech, it’s a good idea to know the beginning by heart. The hardest part when you have public speaking anxiety is the beginning. In order to make sure that you won’t mix it up or completely forget it, learn it by heart. Focusing on reproducing the first three lines will make your brain forget about the panic and use the memory.

3. Dialogue or Monolog?

Many people struggle with the choice between a dialogue and a monologue. If you don’t have social anxiety in general, then it would be better for you to have a dialogue and not a monologue. Most audiences prefer in fact a speaker who engages in a dialogue. And between you and me, monologues can get quite boring.

4. Be Prepared

Know everything about the topic you’re presenting. The more you know, the higher the chances you have not to be surprised. Be prepared to answer some extra questions as well. However, don’t panic if you don’t know how to answer everything. It’s normal for you not to know something, so simply acknowledge that you did not include that in your preparation. You could even add that you will consider it in the future and do some more research.

5. Know Your Audience

Think about who the people in the audience are. How old are they? What is their background? Are they prepared in the field you’re talking about? Are they hearing about it the first time? If you know this, you can also adjust your speech to make them more interested. For example, a simple language may be more attractive for people who are not familiar with the topic.

6. Know the Room

An unfamiliar space will make your experience even worse. Visit the room or space where you will speak before you have to give the talk. Stay in the spot where you will stay and observe the rest of the space. Don’t ignore the benefits of reading aloud either!


These 6 public speaking anxiety tips are going to help you getting over with the talk you need to give. You should also know that this is one of the most common fears, and more than 70% of people experience it. As such, it’s perfectly natural to struggle with talking in front of an audience, so don’t worry about it. With some help, you can even learn how to become a motivational speaker!

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Author: Amanda Knowles