5 Funny Stress Relievers You Should Try

5 Funny Stress Relievers You Should Try

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When it comes to stress relievers, we all know the classics. Playing games, taking up a sport, going for a walk in the park, and acquiring one of those small rubber balls which you can bounce up and down all day long. But did you know there are fun stress relievers as well? Here is a list of the quirkiest and most out of the box stress relievers you can imagine.

Funny Stress Relievers for Creative People

1. Green Nail Polish

The idea here is to place a small dot of green nail polish on the surface of your phone. Whenever it rings, or you get a message or an email, you have to pick it up. You will see the green dot and it will remind you that you need to stay calm and relaxed. You will also sound a lot more confident on the phone!

2. Drink More Orange Juice

Believe it or not, recent studies show that consuming foods with a high level of Vitamin C will help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Two glasses every day of this magical potion will help you keep on track.

3. Balloons Are All That Matters

Another one of our funny stress relievers concerns balloons. Researchers have pointed out that inflating a balloon will reduce your stress levels simply because it will force you to inhale and exhale deeply. Apart from that, it will unquestionably put a smile on your face.

4. Leave It to Your Pets

Many studies are now showing that an individual who owns a pet of any kind is considerably happier than one who doesn’t. The fact that you are on the receiving end of the animal’s unconditional love will make you utterly happy. Apart from that, they are fun to play with and put a smile on your face whenever you see them.

5. The Rubber Wrist Band

You might find this stress reliever method a bit weird, but studies show it indeed works. What you have to do is wear a rubber band on your wrist at all times. When you feel extremely stressed, pinch yourself with the band. In time, you will come to associate stress with the nasty pinching and stop it before it even happens.

The idea behind it is that you will condition yourself. Or rather train yourself, just like you would train a pet when you want to tweak its behavior.

All these funny stress relievers are meant to both rid you of those pesky stress bouts as well as put a smile on your face. And since we’re on this topic, don’t forget to smile as much as you can. In the end, smiling and laughing are the best weapons against stress we have!

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Author: Amanda Knowles