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5 Expert Tips on How to Be a Good Mentor

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If you ever tried to understand millennials in the workplace, then you must have seen how important is a mentor to them. And not only for them but for anyone who is starting a business as well. Today we are going to look at some experts’ opinion on how to be a good mentor.

How to Be a Good Mentor 101

1. Have a Different Perspective

Cedric Chambaz is a marketing manager at Bing Ads. Thanks to his vast experience in the field, he acknowledges that it’s important to bring something new to the market. He says that no mentee can learn or grow with your help if you don’t challenge their thinking. Show them different ways and approach problems differently.

2. Be Generous

If you’re a good mentor, you’ll always want to share your information and experience with other people. Or so claims Jeffrey Hayzlett, a radio show, and prime time TV host, as well as an author and a speaker. He wrote a lot about paying it forward in his book Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless.

3. Act

Val DiFebo is the CEO of the ad agency Deutsch NY. Having such a vast entrepreneurial experience, she offers some detailed advice on how to be a good mentor. In her opinion, it’s important to act. You can find lots of people who make plans and give great advice, but when it comes to acting and making things happen, not so much. Because of this, if you want to mentor someone the right way, you should show them how to do stuff in practice.

4. Be Practical

Just imagine this scenario: you’re mentoring a young entrepreneur with a startup. Usually, entrepreneurs are enthusiastic and have lots of ideas, not all of them applicable. For this reason, as a good mentor, you need to be practical. As a veteran startup mentor, Martin Zwilling claims it’s best to use your experience and determine if an idea can be productive or not.

5. Master Management Strategies

Management is the bare bone of any business. If you have a bad management within your company, it’s useless to try and build it. It won’t work unless there’s a strong management strategy on which to rely your organizing. Let’s have a look at what John Suh has to say about this.

Having been the CEO at LegalZoom ever since 2007, John Suh mentored plenty of startup businesses. He told the story of a mentor he had in college, who knew very well how to master management strategies. This helped him grow plenty of businesses. One important advice we should keep in mind here is that you should have a complete overhaul every 3 years, just like you were starting anew.


To sum up, if you want to be a good mentor, you should be practical, generous, outstanding, to know well your management strategies and to initiate actions. Ideally, you should be a visionary willing to share with the world their own experiences and ideas.

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Author: Amanda Knowles