5 Best Companies to Work for as a Skillful Millennial

5 Best Companies to Work for as a Skillful Millennial

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Finding pride in what you do has become a priority with the new generation. Young and accomplished millennials no longer want to work in a cubicle where they get lost in the mass of people toiling by their side. They find no joy or pride in that. For them, the best companies to work for are those who respect and appreciate them, and which can channel their talents and creativity in the most productive way possible. But which are those companies?

The Five Best Companies to Work for as a Millennial

1. 3M

Believe it or not, according to recent studies, Google is no longer the top option career-wise for millennials. When it comes to the best companies to work for, all of them seem to turn toward 3M. What’s even more surprising is that 2016 is 3M’s first time on the list of job preferences for millennials.

2. Google

The giant ranked number one last year, and that’s no surprise. It does seem like one of the best companies to work for. Making money while having fun, in a relaxed and creative environment? Who would say no to that?

3. Buzzfeed

In 2016, Buzzfeed occupied number seven on the list of the best companies to work for. It’s no surprise, seeing as technology has changed so much for all of us, especially for young millennials, experts say. Reviews coming from people who have worked for BuzzFeed or still do state that it is a marvelous place to work in. The managers are funny and open minded. Apart from that, all the employees receive a free lunch twice a week and free bears once per week.

4. Disneyland

Reviews show that Disney is both fun and a challenging place to work for. If you manage to get a job at Disneyland, you will learn management and fantastic customer service skills. The fun is never ending, even if it is a job, and former employees say that the level of cultural exchange they experienced while working at Disneyland was through the roof. All this unmistakably makes Disneyland one of the best companies to work for as there is no other place in the world which could support this type of experience.

5. Netflix

Most people who got the chance to work for this titan of the industry say it was the best experience of their life job-wise. The management is reported to be outstanding, the atmosphere is great, and all the employees receive free lunches. In fact, some of them even say that working for Netflix felt like being in a great family.

The list of the best companies to work for as a skillful millennial offers a lot of insights when it comes to what preferences this generation has about their jobs. Use these ideas to help you choose a company for which you would just adore to work.

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Author: Amanda Knowles