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4 Suggestions for the 4th of July Message to Employees

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We’re only one day away from the Fourth of July holiday which everybody has been expecting for a year now. Besides being an essential holiday for America and defining for our identity as a people, it is also a great opportunity to make the right wishes for your employees. However, it’s not always an easy task to find the right words, and for this reason, we prepared some suggestions for the 4th of July message to employees.

1. Know What’s Important to Them

Make some references to what is truly important for your employees. To do this, you should know them first. It is important to take some time and get to know the people you work with to ensure a good work atmosphere. For instance, if you know they are people who care about family, then you should make a brief reference to it in the message.

Something as simple as wishing to spend a great holiday in the old American way, with all their family together, might mean a lot to them. At the same time, if the team bonded well, you can also mention that in the 4th of July message to employees.

2. Don’t Forget about the Achievements

If your team managed to reach any remarkable achievements in the recent months, it would be a great idea to mention it. Don’t forget that 4th of July greetings can also express your gratitude and your encouragement for future developments. Mention what important task or project you and your team successfully worked on or what other reasons you had to celebrate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge project, but it is nice to talk about it.

3. Focus on the Future

At the same time, it’s a great idea to include your hopes and plans in your 4th of July message to employees. Focusing on the future may show the fact that you rely on the team for a better collaboration, and you can diplomatically add what you would like to improve. For example, you can connect the American spirit of freedom and striving for success with the relations between coworkers and draw a parallel on that.

4. Be Creative

We are all familiar (and probably tired of) the classic, stiff messages every CEO sends to his employees. Most likely, the entire company will appreciate a light and funny touch to the yearly message, especially if it’s a more customized one. Business doesn’t always mean stiffness and formality, you can always bring your personal touch.

You can always use business holiday cards if you haven’t done so already. They are available in various shops, either online or offline, and you can choose a nice image to go with it. Moreover, if you’re feeling extra creative, you can always choose a picture that is either representative for the company, or with the people in the company themselves.

All in all, you don’t have to follow a pattern when composing a 4th of July message to employees, but you can take advantage of your imagination and put your mind to work!

Image source: Pexels

Author: Amanda Knowles