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4 Tips for Creating a Perfect Prezi Presentation

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If you need to wow your clients with an awesome presentation, and PowerPoint just won’t cut it anymore, Prezi is the right tool for you. Prezi presentation is set up in the cloud, and its most famous feature is its zooming user interface or ZUI. Using it will allow you to zoom in on the main elements. Especially relevant is the fact that you can also go into details and break down whatever material you want.

Amazing Tips for the Perfect Prezi Presentation

1. Create a basic structure close up first and then add all the details zoomed-in

Since you’re working on a Prezi presentation, you want it to be smashing. Due to that, you must first focus on sorting out the big picture. Afterward, you can start working on the details as well. Your main image should be the one closest to the eye of the beholder. Hence, when you add the details, you have to be able to zoom in on them.

Furthermore, here’s a tip- Remember to use layers.

2. Don’t go overboard on the movement part

When it comes to Prezi presentations, one of the coolest things they have to offer is the movement. Think PowerPoint transitions times a hundred. Yet, as with any presentation out there, too much dynamic can leave the viewer feeling disorientated.

Tip – only use as much movement as is necessary. Don’t make your Prezi presentation a Disney ride.

3. Use some 3D backgrounds

We’re stepping it up a little here because we really want your Prezi presentation to be a hit. Consequently, do you know what’s better than a good presentation? One that has a 3D background. Do you want more? How about multiple 3D backgrounds? That’s mind-blowing right there.

Most noteworthy, here’s another tip– always use high-quality images because poor pictures and 3D don’t go well together.

4. Add some music

A good Prezi presentation is a feast for the eyes. One that has a killer soundtrack is a treat for the ears as well. Here’s how you do it.

  • Click on the ‘insert’ button.
  • Choose the option ‘add background music.’
  • Prezi allows all kinds of music file types. It even converts the ones that don’t match its standards.
  • You can check out if your Prezi presentation added your song or not if you go to the top of the ‘edit-path’ navigation bar. It should be on your left-hand side.
  • Most of all, do you need to delete the soundtrack or replace it with another one? Because it seems like that’s the place where you go for that as well.

Just by reading our super short, yet comprehensive article, you can see that a Prezi presentation, given all its features and awesome ideas will convert your project into a fantastic show.

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Author: Amanda Knowles