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4 Green Business Ideas to Inspire You

Green business and profit

Green trends have been evolving quite a lot in the recent years. More and more businesses started adopting things related to it and there are lots of start-ups in this field. Today we are presenting you a couple of green business ideas from successful entrepreneurs.

Green Business Ideas to Keep in Mind

1. Small Spaces Gardens

People have been more and more interested in the recent years in their food. As such, there are lots of start-ups with gardens. Susan Ward is a business writer, as well the CEO of an IT consulting business. In her opinion, starting up a small space garden business is a great idea. One suggestion would be to offer small garden packs with seeded plant trays. Thus, people can use them on their balcony and grow their own vegetables.

2. Energy Efficiency Auditing

Another one of the great green business ideas is to start up an energy efficiency auditing company. Glenn Croston says that people are wasting lots of energy without even realizing it, which is why such a company would be useful. He adds that if you want to get involved in energy saving, you can hire some energy consultants. What they do is to offer people advice on their appliances and how they can save up on energy. This can also help them cut down the bills’ costs.

3. Upcycling Business

One perfect example for a successful upcycling business is Looptworks. Its founder, Scott Hamlin, claims that it’s extremely important to use all the resources you have in an efficient manner. While downcycling means breaking down a product and using its components, upcycling means keeping its value. Hamlin, together with his partners, liked the idea and launched the business back in 2009. As such, he has lots of experience in the field, so you can listen to his advice.

4. Eco-Fashion Designer

It might sound strange, but an eco-fashion designer is one of the most creative green business ideas. Recycling starts to be an often-encountered process in this industry, as Diane MacEachern claims. She has a huge experience as an entrepreneur and a writer, winning plenty of awards. She says that it’s not hard at all to start up such a business. The main point here is to get creative and to use your practical skills.

In case you are rather lost when it comes to this, think about the following possibilities. You can always use older materials for creating new clothes. Recycle plastic and other components for clothes decorations. Many people think that ‘green’ clothes look bad, but that’s not necessarily true.


There are plenty of ideas that can help you get into the green business. However, it’s important that you choose a field you like, so that it won’t become a burden for you. Thankfully, there are lots of green business ideas available out there: from fashion businesses to energy audit companies, garden, landscaping or upcycling, anything can become green if you think about it. It’s essential not to waste resources and to save up as much energy as you can.

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Author: Amanda Knowles