Check Out These 22 Job Interview Thank You Note Tips

Check Out These 22 Job Interview Thank You Note Tips

Your job interview went great! You walk out thinking you’ve already received the position. But the process doesn’t end there. These days, you have to realize, the competition for one opening can be huge. There are usually over 100 résumés sent in, and then narrowed down to 15 interviewees. And all of them think they have job as well. Writing the perfect thank-you note can solidify your status as the top candidate. Here, experts discuss the dos and don’ts of the follow-up. Separate yourself from the pack and utilize these tips from Business News Daily.

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Interviewing for your dream job? A thank-you note can mean the difference between receiving an offer and facing rejection. Thank-you notes may seem like a silly formality, but sending one seriously impresses employers.

“I can tell you that only about 20 percent of the candidates send one, and it really brings those candidates to the top of the pile,” said Lori Kleiman, a human resources consultant.

But you can’t just send any generic thank-you note and expect success. A good thank-you note gives you the opportunity to assert yourself as the best candidate for the job, fix any mistakes you may have made during the interview, expand your responses to important questions, and show your enthusiasm for the position. And, even if you don’t wind up getting the job, sending a thank-you note can be a great way to keep doors open for future employment.

“Remember that this may go into your personnel file at the employer, and that even if you are not the first choice for the position, you may get a call about a similar position or if the first choice does not work out,” said Linda Carlson, author and owner of small business consulting company Barrett Street Productions.

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Author: Jon Stahl