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4 Powerful Lessons from the Young Visionaries Academy

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The Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy is a nonprofit organization based in San Bernardino County, California. They have won numerous awards for their efforts to help young people with employment, education, health, community service, mentoring, and so on. To that purpose, they have implemented many programs and activities that are definitely worth exploring. Today, we are going to take a look at 4 incredible life lessons that we can learn from the Young Visionaries Academy and the work they are doing for the youth community.

The Young Visionaries Academy and Their Powerful Life Lessons

1. Support the Minorities

One extremely important thing the Young Visionaries Academy is all about is supporting the African American population in the community. They do that through their African American Student Achievement Program (AASAP). This program works to help young African American people complete their education and develop professionally. It aims to reduce the number of suspensions in the African American community, and to increase the number of graduations. They expose children and young adults to countless opportunities to learn and develop. Furthermore, they help them become motivated, aspire to great things, and develop high self-esteem.

2. Support the Less Fortunate

Young African American students and professionals are not the only ones whose life is made better by the Young Visionaries Academy. They also have a program targeted to young people who are homeless and cannot take care of themselves. The Homeless Youth Street Outreach Team has a Monday to Saturday outreach schedule. Furthermore, they constantly fight to help the considerably large young homeless and runaway population in San Bernardino County.

3. Support Education

As we’ve already managed to show above, the Young Visionaries Academy is extremely focused on everything that has to do with the education of the youth community. To that purpose, they have also implemented a program that provides scholarships every May. So if you are a vital part of the San Bernardino County youth community, you have a chance to get one of their scholarships and further develop your education. All you have to do is show great dedication and commitment.

4. Support Non-Violence

Finally, another important lesson the Young Visionaries Academy can teach us is to try to fight against violence with education. Their program, From Pistols 2 Pencils, aims to give the youth community a voice. Furthermore, they want to minimize the number of imprisonments of young people. In order to reach that goal, they hold training sessions that teach youngsters what their rights are and how they can enforce them. Furthermore, they encourage them to become activists and organize campaigns that will make a change in the way community and its institutions treat them.

We hope that these amazing examples of persistence and constant goal-oriented action have provided you with some important life lessons to remember. Finally, we believe the Young Visionaries Academy is a great example of how people with a vision can create actual change in the community if they put their mind to it. Following their example, so can you.

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Author: Amanda Knowles