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5 Young Entrepreneurs to Learn a Thing or Two From

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Young entrepreneurs are the living proof that you don’t need a lot of experience to become successful, even if you are extremely young. The world is buzzing with young talents right now, and everybody is looking to open a business and make good money while they’re still at the beginning of their careers. Since there are so many already successful such entrepreneurs out there, we thought we’d create a list that will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. So without further ado, here are 5 young entrepreneurs that you should learn from.

Successful Young Entrepreneurs Who Can Inspire You

1. Ian Crosby

Even though he is only 29 years old, Ian Crosby has his own startup in Vancouver, British Columbia. The name of the company is Bench, and it aims to help small businesses by providing them with accounting solutions. But what does that mean, you ask? Well, they do everything from planning taxes, tracking expenses, and managing financial statements. The great news is that it is working out for them, since the company has $15 million to show for it.

2. Jordan Maron

If you are into gaming, then you’ve probably already heard this name. People already knew young Jordan Maron (he is only 23 years old) on YouTube, under the name CaptainSparklez. But then he thought he’d take things further and he launched a gaming studio. The studio is called XReal, and it already has around 9 million people that subscribe to it on YouTube. They have released more than 3,000 videos already, and fans have been watching them billions of times. So Maron is definitely a great example of a young entrepreneur that took a chance and succeeded.

3. Christopher Gray

Another young entrepreneur, Christopher Gray (24) has a website and an app called Scholly. The purpose of his business is to get college students in touch with scholarship opportunities. He founded the company in 2015, in partnership with Bryson Alef (24) and Nick Pirollo (26). So there are strictly young entrepreneurs who run it. And its success shows in the number of users (600,000), and in the amount of scholarship money that they helped facilitate ($20 million).

4. Ross McCray

McCray (24) though about people who want to understand how viewers react to video ads, and wanted to help them out. That is why he founded VideoAmp, a startup that aims to help advertisers attract viewers online. The company is based in Santa Monica, California and it already has impressive clients like Microsoft or Peet’s Coffee & Tea. And when it comes to finances, McCray’s business is not doing so bad either. They already raised around $17 million from funding.

5. Matthew Ramirez

While being a PhD candidate at the University of California, Berkeley, Ramirez (26) though about launching a company that would help teach students writing skills using some algorithms. The startup is called WriteLab, and it already received funding of around $2.5 million. Moreover, they are a clear success in schools all around the U.S., with an impressive number of 53 institutions using it.

These young entrepreneurs coming from different fields have one thing in common: a creative idea and the determination it takes to succeed. We hope they have inspired you to take chances and, why not, even start your own company.

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Author: Amanda Knowles