3 Work/Life Balance Habits to Get you Through the Day

3 Work/Life Balance Habits to Get you Through the Day

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One of the consequences of using technology on a daily basis is the fact that it also makes work accessible to us at all hours. Our smartphones act like tiny computers or organizers which buzz day in and day out, a great deal of times work-related. We can’t resist answering an email from a colleague or a client just as much as we can’t resist ice tea on a hot day. But this kind of behavior erases the line between work and personal life and, hence, the work/life balance is thrown off.

Here are a few tips which will help you feel accomplished in handling both your personal and work life.

1. Be Honest About What’s Working and What Isn’t

One way in which you can create a better work life balance is by being completely honest with yourself. Do you really need to answer the email or call you got at half past eleven at night? You probably don’t. Therefore, you need to create a priority list as well as a timetable when it comes to the work/life balance. If it’s after working hours, you should relax and spend some time by yourself or with your family.

2. Turn Off All Distractions

You should know that the term ‘distractions’ refers to both your free and working time. Don’t let anything distract you while you’re at work but don’t let anything distract you in your spare time either. Be present and live in the moment.

3. Work/Life Balance Can Also Mean Mixing the Two

Let’s use an example to detail what we mean by mixing the two. Most people, when they wake up in the morning, take a shower, have a small breakfast, if at all, and then leave straight for work. However, if you’re going for work/life balance, you could take a few hours between the time you wake up and when you have to go to work and relax.

Take a longer shower, have a relaxing breakfast, read the news, take a walk, and simply enjoy your life. You will be amazed at how much more productive you will be if you went to work, relaxed and refreshed, then if you go straight after waking up, and you need three cups of coffee to be productive.

Bonus round – for perfect work/life balance you should rethink all your errands. Can you delegate any chores that consume so much of your time to someone else? If so, do it because the time you will be saving will help you become more balanced and happier at the same time.

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Author: Amanda Knowles