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WordPress vs. Joomla: Which Is Suited for You?

CMS battle

It’s a very important decision to choose a CMS (Content Management System) for your website. The repercussions can be huge for your website, so you have to think well ahead. There are various options available online and each has pros and cons. If you look at this field, you will see that there is a long time battle going on, namely WordPress vs. Joomla. Let’s see how they stack up against each other:

The Old Battle between WordPress and Joomla

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If we compare the capacities of both CMS when it comes to SEO, we will see that Joomla is slightly in advantage. This happens because it offers its users the possibility of setting the keywords and meta descriptions more easily. However, WordPress wins with its useful Yoast plugin since it helps you a lot with improving the content.

2. Security

Perhaps the most important criteria in the rivalry WordPress vs. Joomla is the security. WordPress is extremely popular for offering lots of plugins. However, this exact thing is extremely dangerous for its security. You can’t make sure that every plugin is highly secure and also compatible with newer versions. Meanwhile, Joomla comes with an entire set of security extensions, plus it can force the connections over SSL. The developers have a list of the extensions which are known to have vulnerabilities. As such, we can say Joomla wins this round.

3. Customization

Leaving aside what we touched upon earlier, about the plugins and extensions, customization is another important point. Both CMSs offer their own arrays of plugins. However, if we were to look at the numbers, WordPress is by far the winner. Moreover, the user experience is significantly better than on Joomla. At the same time, the WordPress themes have a higher quality compared to the Joomla templates, so WordPress wins again.

4. Managing Content

Both WordPress and Joomla are very complex CMSs which let users create and manage any kind of website. WordPress is usually associated with simple websites and blogs, it’s good for more complex things as well. Meanwhile, Joomla is famous for being quite complex. It provides lots of documentation, but the process is still hard. Yet again, WordPress manages to offer an easier content management process.


Looking at the categories we analyzed, we must say that we may have a winner for the WordPress vs. Joomla rivalry. Many people would not be surprised by this result, but truth is Joomla is a great competitor as well. To sum up, we have seen how WordPress scores better when it comes to SEO, customization options and managing content. Meanwhile, Joomla is better when it comes to offering security options for its users.

Even if it may not seem like a big deal, choosing the right CMS for your website is essential. Just think about the implications of not having proper security for your content. Keep in mind that it’s important to choose the one that fits your needs as well, don’t just follow the cold analysis.

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Author: Amanda Knowles