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Why Is Creativity Important? 4 Experts Who Prove How Far It Can Take You

why is creativity important

Even though in some business fields, managers insist on hiring creative employees, most often than not, the focus is more on how said employees can do their job according to what is required of them. This is a form of conformity, as opposed to the freedom that comes with creativity. Still, more recently, there is a tendency towards allowing employees to exercise their creativity more, which means that more and more people are realizing that creativity is indeed extremely important. Why is creativity important, you ask? Well, this is precisely what we’re going to answer in today’s guide, by providing you with the opinions of 4 experts in the field.

Why Is Creativity Important? 4 Expert Views

1. It Meets the Demands of the New Century

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the most famous experts on creativity, believes that it’s quite obvious that creativity becomes increasingly important as this century unfolds. If in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the business world was largely based on economy and industry, in this century, we witness the development of more and more businesses that rely on creativity and on the belief that people are capable of achieving all sorts of different things. Consequently, Robinson’s belief is that education shouldn’t keep underestimating people’s ability to be creative. After all, creativity is one of the main things that makes businesses evolve nowadays.

2. It Raises Living Standards

The idea that creativity doesn’t do much to help economy, and thus raise living standards is entirely erroneous. The main mistake people make when underestimating creativity is not acknowledging the fact that creativity puts in motion a whole process. Creativity expert Richard Florida believes that by using their creativity, people come up with new and interesting ideas. Moreover, these ideas are what determine them to become more productive. When people increase their productivity, they contribute to the world’s economy, thus also improving living standards.

3. It Creates the New Generation of Leaders

John M. Eger, executive director of the International Center for Communications found at San Diego State University, and writer on the topic of creativity, speaks of a knowledge economy that characterizes today’s society. In his opinion, people are starting to understand that creativity is vital for any city. As a result, education should also be based on encouraging artistic freedom. This is what, according to Eger, will create the new generation of leaders. One of the consequences of this shift will be that people will stop looking at art, culture, music, and so on as being unessential things. Instead, they’ll acknowledge their importance and relevance in today’s society.

4. It Creates New Life Forms

Finally, James J. Duderstadt, who is a Professor of Science and Engineering and President Emeritus at the University of Michigan, underlines the idea that creativity is what helps human beings create new life forms. He mentions that people are consistently expanding their tools of creation. This leads to genetic engineering and molecular biology creating intelligent life forms. The process is easily noticeable if we look at the developments in the fields of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

We hope today’s guide has managed to provide you with a couple of answers to the question “Why is creativity important?” and inspire you to pursue your own creative endeavors. Finally, if you need even more convincing of the importance of creativity in everyday life, take a look at the short clip below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles