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What Makes a Good Logo? 4 Expert Voices Weigh In

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Whether you are into graphic design and you want to find out how to create really nice logos, or you just started your own brand and you are looking for a great logo to represent it, you are going to like what we have prepared for you today. A good company logo can go a long way in making sure people relate to it, remember it, and talk about it. Moreover, since changing the logos is not such a great idea, you should make sure the one you come up with is here to stay. To that purpose, here are 4 expert tips on what makes a good logo.

What Makes a Good Logo? – Expert Tips

1. Try to Stick to Only One Color

Ideally, your brand’s logo should look good whether you decide to keep it in black and white or you want to go for a colorful look. However, Ronnette A. Cox, graphic and fashion designer, doesn’t recommend you to use many colors, as much as you would like to draw attention to it. She believes that only one color should be enough. You want your future clients to focus more on the logo itself, than on the colors it features.

2. Don’t Follow Trends

Even though this may sound like weird advice, creative director of Phear Creative, Rebecca Lysen, advises you to focus on something else instead of trends. On what then, you ask? Well, on making sure the logo will still look good and communicate something to people even 10 years from now. If you decide to follow trends, you might create a brilliant logo at the beginning. However, after the trend passes, so will the meaning behind the logo.

3. Focus on Symbols

Let’s take the Nike logo for instance. Even though it also says Nike in the logo’s design, if you were to take out the text, people would still recognize the symbol as belonging to this brand, wouldn’t they? We’re not saying not to use any text, but make sure that you don’t overdo it. J Digital Identity’s graphic designer Darryl Dote advises you to focus on a symbol that you think best puts forth the company’s vision. The aim is for people to recognize it without the need for a text clarification.

4. Keep It Simple

Sometimes, because you are overzealous and excited to present the world with a smart and witty brand logo, you might tend to exaggerate with the details. What makes a good logo is not the quantity of it. It is its quality and how well it manages to represent your brand. Dennis Michael from Wake Creative believes that the design should be simple and unique. As long as it is catchy and easy to remember, there’s no reason why you should overcrowd it. Avoid using a lot of text, colors, or other such details.

We hope these 4 tips coming from graphic design experts have helped you understood what makes a good logo. Moreover, we hope you have learned how to create yours in a creative and attractive manner.

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Author: Amanda Knowles