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What Is Local SEO and 3 Reasons Why this Matters

what is local SEO

You already know about SEO. Who doesn’t? You know all its ins and outs and how much it matters for your business. But did you know about the existence of local SEO and the benefits it can have for your company? So, what is local SEO and how can you harness its power to your advantage?

Local SEO?

Simply put, it’s a very effective way to market your business online in the area in which you operate. It helps you promote the products or services you offer to your local clientele exactly at the point in time at which they need it.

Think of it this way. Everyone out there who is in need of a product or service is looking for it in the area where they live. From coffee shops to shoe stores to flower shops to restaurants to vegan sandwich shops. If you use local SEO, you can increase your chances of them finding you in your area. Therefore, you have two options. You can do it yourself, or you can work with an SEO company who is ready to do all of this for you.

Forget the days when you had to drop flyers at every person’s doorstep, put ads in the paper all the time or pay for highly expensive billboards that you weren’t even sure people were paying attention to. Local SEO makes it possible for them to come to you instead of the other way around.

It’s this simple. When someone makes a Google search for, let’s say – ‘flower shop roses Brooklyn,’ if you’ve done your local SEO job right, then your flower shop business should appear at the top of the results page for them.

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Reasons Why Local SEO Matters

Now that you know what is local SEO, let’s see a few reasons why it matters.

  1. Everyone is using the internet to find local businesses now

While it’s still true that some older people use phone books, and other categories still refer to the flyers they’ve received or to the posters they saw while driving, the bulk of people will search for what they need online. And, let’s face it. Flyers are no friend to the environment.

  1. Marketing based on local search is timely and highly targeted

The main reason why people perform a local search is to find a particular business when they already know its name or something about it. The second reason, however, is to find a service or product they need in their area. Most of the people who perform these searches don’t know specific businesses. They just know what they need – coffee, roses, vegan food, a vet, etc. If you use local SEO, you can position yourself so much better for them to find you when they perform these searches.

  1. Fantastic ROI

This idea brings us back to brochures and the like. Unlike the old or traditional types of advertising, such as brochures, running an ad in the newspaper, leaflets, and so on, you do not waste your money on local SEO. As we mentioned before, it’s all done online, and customers reach you, you don’t reach them. This means a fantastic return on investment.

Now that you know what is local SEO and some of the reasons why it matters for your local business, the real question is why aren’t you doing it already? It’s inexpensive, fast, saves a lot of time on advertising, and truly works on your behalf.

Author: Amanda Knowles