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What Is E-Verify and How Does It Help Your Business

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If you own a business in the United States and you want to make sure that all of your employees are working legally in your company, you can choose to use E-Verify and find out the answer. What is E-Verify, you ask? It’s an internet-based system that was developed in 1997. Its goal is to prevent people from working illegally in the United States. Nowadays, a lot of employers use it to find out whether their employees are legal workers or not. Today, we’re going to talk more about this system and the way it benefits employers all over the U.S.

What Is E-Verify?

E-Verify is a system that compares people’s records from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and the Social Security Administration with information found in Form I-9, or the Employment Eligibility Verification form. This comparison lets employers know whether or not you have authorization to work in the United States. But is E-Verify required? While for some employers it is, most of them do it voluntarily.

Whenever you apply for a job where you’re notified that the employer uses this system (which is mandatory), the person who wants to hire you can take data from the Form I-9 that you filled out and enter it into E-Verify.  Then, the system checks whether the information is accurate or not. Moreover, it offers an answer in just a couple of seconds.

Once the records are checked, the results can either say Employment Authorized, in which case the information the employee provided matched that in the records, or DHS or SSA Tentative Nonconfirmation (TNC), which means that it didn’t. In the first case, you’re free to start working for the respective firm. In the second instance, the employer has to tell you about the results. Then, he or she has to provide you with a chance to contest them.

How Can E-Verify Benefit Employers?

1. Efficient

One of the most important benefits of the E-Verify system is the fact that it allows employers to check their future employees’ eligibility for the job in a matter of seconds. This eliminates a lot of time spend manually checking whether or not the person you want to hire can legally work in your company. This is especially relevant when it comes to corporations that hire a large number of people regularly.

2. Law-Abiding

Employers who use E-Verify can know for sure that the moment they hire someone, they do so legally. This avoids any legal issues they might have regarding hiring illegal workers. Since the system is becoming more and more proficient, the chances of an employer who uses it hiring someone who is not authorized to work in the United States are slim to none.

3. Preventing Identity Theft

One of the newer features of this system is the incorporation of a photo screening tool that checks whether the person asking for a job is really the same person whose data appears in official records. This increases the chances of detecting identity theft and acting accordingly.

We hope today’s article provided you with an answer to the question “What is E-Verify?” and informed you about the benefits of using it.

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Author: Amanda Knowles