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What Is Content Marketing and Why Is It Important?

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More and more marketers are quitting the traditional type of marketing when confronted with the benefits of content marketing. The latter is a relatively new way of making your business known. You might have heard the concept before, but if it isn’t clear for you what is content marketing and why should you care, read on.

What Is Content Marketing?

The term content marketing refers to a strategy that aims to create and share relevant, valuable, and consistent content. The purpose is to attract a clear audience and drive some profitable customer action. The definition is provided by the Content Marketing Institute, a useful resource for anything you need on this topic. Basically, instead of pitching what you’re offering, you are bringing relevant and useful content for your potential customers. In fact, many leading brands are using this type of content.

what is content marketing content marketing cycle scheme

Content marketing cycle scheme. Image courtesy of Heidi Cohen

Content Marketing Examples

1. Books

It might sound strange, but books are used as marketing tools. One example would be the sales manual Book Yourself Solid written by Michael Port. It’s an interesting read for salespeople, entrepreneurs, and marketers alike.

2. Videos

Videos and podcasts are not that used, despite being very efficient. Many people think it’s too hard to produce them, but truth is that professional equipment is getting more and more accessible. Just look at how many vlogs are out there on various topics. Making a video presentation of your product and service will be much more attractive than a block of text, for example.

3. Web Pages

Simply adding some content to your webpage isn’t going to bring you whole lot more new customers. You need to insert valuable and smart articles or videos. Think about what would you like to see as a follower of your page. Then, expand this idea and look up some other suggestions. You can follow the pages of big companies as well to get some inspiration on what to post.

4. Infographics

Instead of including long and boring statistics in a text, it’s better to create an infographic. An infographic is, in fact, a long graphic placed vertically. They include graphs, charts, statistics, pictures, etc. Many people tend to share them because they offer plenty of information in a relatively short space.

Why Is It Important?

  • It Builds Your Brand

Constantly offering a certain type of content will slowly build a unique brand. By using the right visual elements and being coherent, people will immediately recognize your brand when they see it.

  • It Attracts Customers

People are usually loyal to the pages that post interesting content. Once they entered your website and found out something useful, they’re going to return. Thus, you can attract more customers that will stay with you.

  • It Establishes You as an Authority

The more information you provide, the more people will come to you for advice and directions. In time, this will help you be an authority in your field. Other websites might link back to your as well and sooner than you think you’ll have an entire community around you.

what is content marketing organizational goals for content marketing chart

Organizational goals for content marketing. Image courtesy of Heidi Cohen


Content marketing is the future for those who want to attract loyal customers. Basically, instead of using a pitch to convince them to buy, you offer them valuable and relevant information which they can access easily.

Image source: depositphotos.com

Author: Amanda Knowles