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What Is a Tricky Tray and What You Should Know When Setting Up One

what is a tricky tray

Essentially an enormous raffle, you might recognize this under its original name, the Chinese auction. It was changed due to its evident racial overtones. You might have witnessed one, and you might have even participated once or twice. But do you know the tips and tricks when it comes to organizing one? Here’s where you find out what is a tricky tray and what it takes to organize a successful one.

A Tricky Tray?

Simply put, the tricky tray is a mix between a raffle and an auction which involves multiple prizes. The difference between this idea and the common raffle is that there isn’t just one winner. Instead, every prize gets its own ‘hat’ so to say. Contestants can focus on whichever prize they want and add their name to that specific one.

The ticket to such an item is extremely cheap. That’s why contestants typically buy them in the hundreds so as to increase their chances of winning. One can bid on any number of objects they choose by placing as many tickets inside the ‘hat’ as they want.

Lately, such raffles have been organized online as well.

Dos and Don’t of the Tricky Tray

Now that you know what is a tricky tray, here’s what you must keep in mind if you’re trying to set up one yourself.

  1. The venue and date have to be friendly to everyone

Examples of places which work include school gyms and church halls. They are big enough, everybody knows where they are without complicated instructions, and they are easy to reach. Schools and churches are always in easily accessible places in towns. As for the date, choose one that is suited for your event. If it involves children, pick one that will not have parents searching for nannies. Don’t do it very late at night or extremely early in the morning.

  1. How are you going to get your message across?

You are organizing this tricky tray for a cause. Therefore, you need to make it known. Ensure that the hall has a sound system you can use, pass out some pamphlets, give out instructions on how to participate, make big and colorful banners, and so on.

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  1. How will you make a profit out of this?

If your goal is to raise some money out of the tricky tray, then you need to find the best way to do it. Examples include charging attendance, asking for donations, selling T-shirts, selling baked goods, drinks, handmade items, paid shows from local artists, asking local sponsors to chip in, and so on. You can even set up different stalls such as a makeup booth or an arts and crafts table, but where people have to pay a certain amount to get their makeup done or create a lovely vase. Get creative!

If you speak to anyone who really knows what is a tricky tray, they will tell you it’s no picnic to organize one. It may seem so from the outside, especially if there’s an actual picnic involved, but they can be very stressful events for the organizers who have to keep an eye out for everything that day. Therefore, do your homework and come prepared!

Author: Amanda Knowles