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What Is a Brand Ambassador and Can You Do It from Home?

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Maybe you have heard about brand ambassadors a lot in the media. It’s a relatively new position that spread more and more along with the appearance of more companies. Today we are going to see what is a brand ambassador, what do they do exactly and whether it is possible to do it from home.

What Is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is, simply put, the face of the brand. They should be some sort of influencers in their community (cities, a certain group of people such as students, employees, etc.) Moreover, they should already have some relationships and networks they can use to market their products. There are various marketing tactics which they can use to reach their own goals. Besides this, they must represent the company at various events, give away samples or show some product demonstrations.

What Do They Do?

Now that you know largely what is a brand ambassador, you should know what their tasks are in detail. Here is a brief list of a brand ambassador’s duties:

  • Taking part in event marketing;
  • Leading opinions inside a community;
  • Offering feedback/insight on new services or products;
  • Using word-of-mouth marketing strategies;
  • Representing the brand positively all the time;
  • Using their own social media accounts to promote the brand.

Of course, depending on the company, there can be more or fewer tasks required from a brand ambassador. The national average salary for such a position can vary greatly, according to the latest statistics in 2017. As such, the standard salary varies between $40 – 50,000, but it can be as low as $20,000 a year or as high as $58,000. There is also the possibility of an hourly pay, which would be somewhere between $10 – $16 an hour.

Some companies also offer commissions instead of hourly rates. In this way, they motivate the ambassadors more. As such, the more leads they bring to the company, the more earnings they will have.

Can You Do It from Home?

A general answer to this question would be a positive one. Theoretically, you can take care of all the promotion tasks from home: posting on social media, organizing events, etc. However, if you must attend various events, you will have to go to the specific locations, so this can’t be done from home. Moreover, if you need to fill up your stock, you must also visit the headquarters to take the products and other things that are necessary for a product demonstration, etc.


As you can see, a brand ambassador is someone who closely represents a certain company and/or brand. They must spread the word about the company’s products, present their benefits and attract more customers. There are various ways in which they do it: through online marketing, product promotion, attending relevant events, inviting people to other events, etc. Finally, the salaries can be pretty rewarding for this position, depending on the company that is hiring and the required tasks. Many students choose to sign up for such a job in college, especially if they don’t have a fixed schedule and they are paid in commissions.

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Author: Amanda Knowles