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4 Webinar Software Options for Developing Your Own Course

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Webinars are great for a variety of business tasks. You can create a webinar in order to train your employees, run a workshop, host an event, conduct an online panel for discussions, and of course, develop a course. If you’re a business owner who’s on the lookout for the best webinar software for your needs, you’re going to love the topic of today’s article. We’re going to talk about 4 webinar software options you should definitely look into.

4 Webinar Software Options to Keep in Mind

1. GoToWebinar

If you’ve ever heard of GoToMeeting, which is a popular service focused on meeting and screen sharing, then you should know GoToWebinar is provided by the same people. The difference is of course, that the latter focuses on creating webinars. There are many features that make this option a popular one. For instance, you get a full services registration for all attendees. Moreover, you can record HD videos, archive those recordings, and even create surveys and polls. If the webinar you want to organize won’t have more than 100 attendees, you’ll have to pay around $79 a month.

2. Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect aims to help organizations develop impressive online events. They definitely succeed in doing that, if we take a look at all the features they offer. Among the most relevant ones are: complete mobile collaboration, high-quality video and audio, plenty of multimedia options, video conferencing integration, analytics and tracking, real-time collaboration, breakout rooms, streaming video integration, archiving, and many others. If you’re wondering about the price, you should know that any host with a maximum of 25 attendees has to pay about $45 a month.

3. ReadyTalk

Another webinar software option that we particularly enjoy is ReadyTalk. This service comes with many distinct products, each targeted to a different event, such as a web conference, a mobile conference, a recording, a webinar, and so on. Their key features prove how effective their brand is. For example, you get to customize your registration forms and branding, send invitation links on Google and Outlook, create Q&A sessions, use social promotion tools, create polls, send follow-up emails, and many other cool things. For webinars with up to 25 attendees, you’ll have to pay around $49 per month.

4. ClickWebinar

The last webinar software we want to talk about is yet another one created by people who already own a meeting service, more precisely the people at ClickMeeting. One of the coolest things about ClickWebinar is that it’s quite cheap compared to other options. Even so, it still comes with plenty of high-quality features. You can use web conferencing globally, rebrand your webinar, use moderation tools and simultaneous chat translation, and even integrate services such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Adobe, Flickr and more. You get a free trial of 30 days. Then, you have to pay $30 a month for a number of 25 attendees. This is indeed quite affordable.

We hope you’ve managed to find your favorite among these 4 webinar software options, and that it will help you develop the perfect webinar for your needs.

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Author: Amanda Knowles