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5 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

ways to make money without a job

If you thought you’re the only one thinking about ways to make money without a job, think again. The market is actually huge, with the demand being higher than ever. However, this also leads to a lot of bogus employment as well as scams. So, how do you spot the real ones? We have a few ideas for you on how you can truly make money from home.

1. Work for Disney

Working for Disney sounds like a dream come true for every person who is still in touch with their inner child. What if we told you that you could actually do it from home? The job implies you working for the Disney store, answering emails and phone calls. In other words, you will need a good computer and an internet connection so that you can help people who are in love with the Magic Kingdom with their problems. Check out more details on Disney’s jobs and careers page.

2. Garage Sale for the Modern Age

Do you remember those garage sales you parents made you sit through when you were a kid? They got a makeover through the years, and they were digitalized. There are sites which handle such a thing nowadays. It basically means that you can sell all the stuff you don’t use anymore.

You can use Decluttr for CDs, video games, and DVDs. If you’ve got books lying around which you’re ready to let go, then BookScouter is your website. The same goes for your clothes. You can sell them on LetGo or some other markets that run in your area.

3. Selling Photos

Some different ways to make money without a job include selling your photos. We’re not talking about selfies, but about stock photos. They go for about $5 a pop, and if you’re good, have a professional camera, and can keep it up, you may be able to make some nice cash out of it. Branch out and don’t focus on a single subject. Also, try to make your photos look as organic as possible.

4. Pet Sitting

This one is becoming more and more of a thing. Probably because people care so much more for their pets nowadays, then they did in the past, becoming some sort of surrogate for their children. Also, because you literally get paid for doing almost nothing. Pet sitting can mean dog-walking, spending a few hours with the animal or even the whole night. Some owners who need to travel outside the city will ask you to check in on them and spend some quality time every day.

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5. Working for Shutterstock

Shutterstock has a database of millions of photos. Naturally, all of these had to be combed through and checked to see if they meet the website’s standards before they can actually be released to the public. Guess who gets to do that from home, while getting paid? That’s right. You can do this very easy job while perched in bed, sipping coffee, for as much as 30 hours per week, as a freelancer. Easy money, right?

These are just five ways to make money without a job, but there are a ton more. All you have to do is be careful when selecting them. Some may be scams or simply paid too low to be worth spending your precious time on them. Write to us in the comment section below and let us know how you make money from home.

Author: Amanda Knowles