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4 Volunteer Abroad Programs to Help Broaden Your Horizons

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If your New Year’s resolution was to both travel more and help by making a difference in the world, then rejoice because there is a very long list of volunteer abroad programs for you to choose from. All the organizations we have selected for our list have very high reviews, which means you can travel safely and freely, all the while learning and helping yourself. Let’s do it!

1. Plan My Gap Year

This organization was founded back in 2011. Travelers can volunteer in projects such as English teaching, child care, community projects, wildlife conservation, and mental health. A fantastic thing for you to know is that 93 percent of all the participants here are women and going on the trip solo. Therefore, it will be a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded people. Some opportunities you can take a look at are in countries like Bali, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, and Ghana.

2. International Volunteer HQ

This is one of the cheapest volunteer abroad programs. International Volunteer HQ has programs that start at $180. They last between one and 24 weeks, depending on what you choose to do. Given the fact that they cost so little, if you don’t have this money or don’t want to spend it yourself, you could very well fundraise on Volunteer Forever or apply for one of their scholarships for volunteers.

Among the projects you can attend are the following.

3. Love Volunteers

Here’s an organization that truly offers you a plethora of choices. Their programs last between one week and six months and take place literally around the world. Some of the countries include Peru, Nepal, Kenya, South Africa, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Bali, Thailand, Zambia, Tanzania, and these are just the popular ones. They also have projects in Europe and the Middle East. Here are some examples.

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4. Global Vision International

This organization was founded in 1997, has won numerous awards and has, so far sent 25,000 volunteers out into the world. 95 percent of them have stated that they would travel with Global Vision International again. So, if that’s not an argument to convince you, we don’t know what is. Among the opportunities they offer you can find the following.

The volunteer abroad programs listed here are just a minor part of everything that awaits you once you have decided that you want to help the world in such a wonderful fashion. Think about your budget, in what way it would suit you best to help, whether it’s children, women, wildlife, architecture, education, and decide where in the world you would like to travel. Then pick a program! All that’s left is for you to bring your big heart!

Author: Amanda Knowles