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4 Ways You Could Use Snapchat for Business

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If one of your business goals is to increase your online visibility, you should definitely consider using Snapchat for business. The famous image messaging app isn’t only fit for individuals who want to share photos with their friends. It’s also suitable for businesses that want to engage with their customers on different social media channels. In today’s guide, we’ll talk about 4 ways in which you can use Snapchat for business, so that you can add to your online presence.

Snapchat for Business: 4 Useful Methods

1. Share Promotional Codes

Not many businesses do it, which is definitely a good thing. The business that became known for it was also one of the first businesses to use this service in order to offer promotional codes to their customers. That business is 16 Handles, a frozen yoghurt chain. Following their model, you could promote your store (or one of them) at specific times. That way, when someone snaps a picture of themselves at the store, they get a coupon code. The code can provide them with a discount of your choosing. If you want to make it more interesting, you can give them only a couple of seconds to show it to the cashier before it disappears.

2. Make It about Your Followers

Another thing you could do when using Snapchat for business is focus on your followers and share their content. You can do this weekly, gathering stories as you go along. The stories can be anything from snaps of people buying something from your store, to giveaways that people entered, promotions that they were excited about, and so on. This will result in an increase in your followers, because they’ll realize your Snapchat is not only about yourself, and that you’re also trying to include your customers into this experience.

3. Tell People about New Products

Snapchat can be a great way to introduce your products to existing and potential customers. Regardless of whether we’re talking about a new technology or a new product, you can find creative ways of including them in your Snapchat profile. You could also use the app to create a sort of a guide for people to use when shopping for your product. This will be particularly helpful to new customers. Moreover, it will motivate them to keep buying from you in the future. Even if this doesn’t increase sales per se, it will at least win you brand mentions.

4. Address Important Issues

Even if people use Snapchat mostly for fun, that doesn’t mean you should avoid talking about relevant and pressing issues. Take Dove, for example, that used Snapchat to issue a campaign aimed to boost self-esteem in young women. When it comes to social networks that are already hypersaturated, you shouldn’t be afraid to show some authenticity. Choose a topic you really care about and try to start a conversation about it with your customers. They’ll appreciate your commitment to a good cause.

If you want to start using Snapchat for business, try these 4 methods first, as they’re bound to increase your online visibility.

Image Source: Pixabay.

Author: Amanda Knowles