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How to Use Google Reminders to Their Full Usefulness

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Most of us rely on our smartphones for many tasks, including keeping track of our meetings and appointments. One useful tool that allows people to write down future plans and make sure they won’t forget about them is Google Calendar. Still, sometimes, especially if you have a particularly full schedule, you run the risk of missing an important event if you don’t check your calendar on time. This is where the Google reminders feature comes in. It notifies you of all the future meetings and events in your calendar, so that you’ll never miss another one. Today, we’re going to tell you all you need to know about how to use Google reminders successfully.

How to Use Google Reminders and Keep Track of Your Meetings

1. Get the Google Calendar App

The Google reminders feature is only available in the Google Calendar app. This means that you’ll have to first download the app (if you don’t already have it) before you can make the most of this feature. Luckily, the app is available for both Android and iOS users. So no matter the kind of device you own, you’ll be able to use it. Once you’ve downloaded the app, you have to open it in order to set a reminder.

2. Set a Reminder

In the Google Calendar app, you will notice that the bottom right corner contains a red “+” icon. That is the icon that allows you to create a new reminder. Once you tap it, two boxes of text will pop up. One of them asks you if you want to add an event to your calendar. The other one asks if you’re looking to add a new reminder.

Once you tap the reminder option, you will receive a rather large list of suggestions of things you need to be reminded of. Some of the options include calling someone, texting someone, reading something, making a reservation, sending an email, checking in, and so on. You can choose from the existing options or add your own.

The app makes things even easier for you by coming up with additions to what you’re typing. For instance, if you start typing “make reservation”, the app might suggest “for dinner” or even “for dinner on Friday”. After you’ve written the full reminder, you can also edit it and select how often you want the app to repeat it. Don’t forget to select the time for the reminder, and that’s basically it. When that time arrives, you will get a notification reminding you of your appointment.

3. Manage the Reminders

What happens when you want to view reminders or edit them? Well, you have to zoom out on your Google Calendar app and tap on the respective reminder. You will notice that in the top left corner there’s a pencil icon that you can tap to get to the screen that allows you to edit your reminder. If you don’t want to delete a reminder completely, but you also don’t want it to constantly pop up, you can choose to turn it off for a while. It will still be there, but not visible.

Google reminders is definitely an awesome and extremely useful feature of Google Calendars, especially since most of us have such chaotic schedules. Don’t hesitate to try it out!

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Author: Amanda Knowles