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How to Use Facebook Analytics for Understanding Your Audience Better

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Most businesses nowadays rely on social media in order to interact with their potential and existing customers, and to get to know their audience better. Out of the multitude of social media platforms that exist, Facebook is still one of the most popular ones. If you want to make the most of your experience with Facebook, we advise you to use the Facebook analytics tool called Insights. This literally provides you with insights into how your business is doing and how people are responding to it. If you’re not familiar with how Facebook page analytics work, we’re here to explain how you can use this feature.

How to Use Facebook Analytics for Business

#Access the Insights Tool

The first thing you have to do in order to use Facebook analytics is to access the Insights tool. In order to accomplish that, all you have to do is click on the gear wheel that you can find on your Facebook page. There, you’re going to find an option called “View Insights”. Once you click on it, the tool will present you with a graph that represents the main dashboard. Here, you can see how many likes your page has, how many people you’re reaching, and how many people are talking about your brand.

#Analyze Your Likes

One of the most relevant things that you can analyze using Facebook analytics are the likes your page has received. For instance, if you click on “Likes” you won’t only be able to see the locations of the people who liked your page, but also look at the demographics, age groups, and so on. This is going to help you come up with posts that target specific groups. That way, you’re going to provide your audience with exactly what they want. This tool allows you to see new likes that your page has received, and also unlikes. If you want to check for a possible explanation for the unlikes, you could look at the things that you posted that day. Consider if there could be any possible connection between them and people unliking your page.

#Check the Virality of Your Posts

Right below the main dashboard, you can find all of your posts, see how viral they became, and how successful they were. In order to make this task easier, you can sort them by links, posts, photos, videos, questions, and so on. That way, you’ll only look at what interests you most. Once you examine a specific post, you can find out when you made it, what its title and reach were, what its virality percentage is, or how many people engaged with it and let other people know about it.

#Analyze Your Reach

With Facebook analytics, you can also analyze your reach and see how many people are actually actively engaging with your page. In this category, you can look at page views, as well as see how many people specifically looked for your page instead of clicking on your Facebook ad. Moreover, you have the option of checking your reach when it comes to viral, organic, and paid searches.

We hope this short yet comprehensive guide to using Facebook analytics has helped you understand the basics of this useful tool and encouraged you to use it for your business. If you’re looking for a full tutorial on Facebook Insights, you can find one in the video below.

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Author: Amanda Knowles