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Stuck on Ideas? Use a Blog Name Generator for Your Next Hub

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Do you want to open up your own blog where you can share creative ideas with the world? However, you want the name of it to tick many characteristics, so you’re having a hard time choosing one. Ideally, you want it to be the essence of what you stand for, to be catchy, witty, creative, and easy to spell and remember. Does this already sound like too much of a chore? Well, in case you don’t have a stroke of genius anytime soon, you could always experiment with a blog name generator. There are plenty of great options out there. Today, we are going to be looking at just a few of them.

Blog Name Generator Ideas

1. Lean Domain Search

This blog name generator is focused on providing you with interesting and creatives names by putting together two or more words. Typically, you should think of a word that describes what the purpose of your blog is. For instance, think if it is focused on business, tech, fashion, and so on. If you think of an example such as FashionAddict, this generator will give you thousands of domain names that are still available and that are related to your search.

2. Domains Bot

Another great blog name generator, this one is really easy to use. You only have to think of some keywords that you want your blog name to contain and then just do a search. You have the option of choosing synonyms of the keywords you selected, in case the actual keyword is not available. Furthermore, you can take a look at domain names that are already in use, and what is still up for grabs.

3. Nameboy

Nameboy is more than just your average blog name generator. It also generates URLs, company names, and website names. The process of finding the perfect name works by you adding a main keyword first. Then, you can add a second one too, if you’d like. You can also choose if you want your name to include a hyphen or not. This is designed to widen your search a little bit. Another added bonus of Nameboy is that you can sign up for an account and then save your favorite blog names and access them later by logging in.

4. NameStation

If you are truly lacking inspiration for your blog name, you should know that NameStation allows you to look for random names. You don’t even have to enter a specific keyword. Of course, you also have the option of looking with a keyword. This generator will extend it as to provide you with as many options as possible.

5. Domain Fellow

One of the best blog name generators you could choose, Domain Fellow has been around for a while. All this time, it has helped people who were looking for a blog name to come up with meaningful and creative ideas that are still available. You can add your own keywords or simply check out some popular words. That way, you can make an informed decision in what concerns your blog name.

Whenever you feel like you cannot come up with an interesting enough name for your blog, make sure to follow our advice and take a look at some of these blog name generators. You won’t regret it!

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Author: Amanda Knowles