Old T-Shirts - 5 Ways to Upcycle Your Them into Something New and Useful

5 Ways to Upcycle Your Old T-Shirts into Something New and Useful

upcycle old t-shirts

Just about everyone owns a t-shirt. Somehow, they seem to collect over time to clutter up closets and drawers.

Eventually, each t-shirt ends its lifecycle as an item of clothing. Perhaps after its demotion from your roster of day clothes, your beloved old t-shirt first spent some time as a pajama top. But even then, after a while it will be time to retire that comfy old shirt.

So, what do you do with your old t-shirts once it’s time to move on?

5 Creative Things to Do with Old T-Shirts

Decluttering your closet is always good for productivity and peace of mind. By adding the element of creativity to your decluttering, you can bring that much more benefit to the process.

Here are just a few ways you can reuse your old t-shirts:

1. Sew a Quilt

If your t-shirt collection has some interesting logos that are still in decent condition, you can make a unique quilt out of them. These quilts can also make interesting gifts if they commemorate a certain time in someone’s life, a hobby, or an interest such as sports or music.

2. Create T-Shirt Yarn

T-shirt yarn is easy to make – you cut off the arms and use the main body of the shirt to create a long loop of t-shirt fabric. This yarn can then be knitted or crocheted. T-shirt yarn works exceptionally well for making rugs, as well as baskets and other items that require a little bit of heft and sturdiness.

3. Design T-Shirt Jewelry

While it might seem odd to make jewelry out of a t-shirt, you can find many interesting designs online that are easy to make. T-shirts can be made into fun necklaces as well as bracelets. The t-shirt fabric can be simply cut or braided for various effects.

4. Make Reusable Rags and Dishcloths

Of course, the easiest way to make a rag out of a t-shirt is to simply cut the t-shirt up into smaller sections. However, if you know how to knit and have made some t-shirt yarn, you can also knit a sturdy, upcycled dishcloth using your old t-shirts.

5. Amuse Your Animals

T-shirts can be easily cut up and knotted and braided into interesting toys for your cat or dog. New pet toys can be expensive – sometimes $10 or more. And then the pet ends up destroying the toy anyway.

You might as well use your old shirts to make that chew toy. You save some money and your animal won’t know the difference. (Who knows, they might love your hand-made toys even more.)

Still Not Inspired? Give Your Old T-Shirts to Your Crafty Friend

Chances are, you have a friend or relative who loves crafts. Or, maybe they have kids who are just itching to learn some new craft projects. So, don’t just dump your collection of old t-shirts in the garbage before talking to your loved ones first. You get to declutter your closet, and your friend gets a whole bunch of crafting fun for free. Win-win!

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Author: Jon Stahl