In the Long Run, Being Unhappy at Work Will Make You Sick

In the Long Run, Being Unhappy at Work Will Make You Sick

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We all aspire to have a job that actually makes us happy and pays our bills at the same time. And that is indeed the perfect scenario. Even if it is impossible to love your job 100 percent of the time, overall, work should bring you both professional and personal fulfillment and satisfaction. So be careful not to find yourself being terribly unhappy at work. Not only will that affect your current productivity, but it will also affect your physical and psychological health on the long run.

What Happens When You Are Unhappy at Work?

But let’s get into what can actually happen to your body and mind if you are unhappy at work. There are a lot of side-effects associated with a miserable professional life, some of them that you can notice right away, and others that will creep on you when you least expect it. Here are some of the signs that you should consider changing your job as soon as possible.

You Can’t Sleep

Consider this: you stress about your work and what you have to do all day. In some cases, the pressure surrounding you at work might follow you at home too. And not only on your free time, but also when you’re trying to rest. All the tension and anxiety that you feel because you are unhappy at work can translate into your body’s inability to properly rest. And you should be aware of the fact that this is extremely damaging to your health.

You Get Sick More Often

Have you noticed this? You get a cold more and more often, while some time ago you barely got a cold all winter. This might be another sign that your unhappiness at work is affecting your health. The amount of stress that you experience on a daily basis will eventually add up and negatively impact your immune system, which will be more prone to illness and disease.

You Gain Weight

A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that if you are unhappy at work, you are more likely to gain weight. If you do not feel happy, then your motivation to eat healthy and be active will suffer the consequences. You will prefer to spend your free time in bed eating chocolate, than work out for a couple of hours. And weight gain is not only a short-term consequence, it can also bring other physical illnesses on the long run.

You Get Depressed

Depression is one of the most serious consequences of being unhappy at work. Maybe you don’t acknowledge it as fast as you would a physical illness, but you should. Because it is really hard to shake depression once it draws you in. If you expose yourself to constant unhappiness at work, it can turn into depression rather quickly. So if you notice you don’t want to get out of bed anymore, and you don’t enjoy anything you used to, it might be a sign you are depressed because of your work. Then, it is definitely time to do something about it.

If you recognize at least one of these symptoms in your own professional life, it is important for you to analyze if it is really worth staying at a job that makes you unhappy. Most often than not, the answer is no.

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Author: Amanda Knowles