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4 Unethical Behavior Examples and How to Avoid Them

unethical behavior examples

Ethical behavior has its basis in a set of human rights. For example, the right not to be deceived, not to be coerced into acting against his or her better judgment, the right to expect his colleagues to act as the law requires, and according to the commitments they made. If you feel that this is not happening in your office, it’s time to take a look at four unethical behavior examples and what you must do to avoid them.

1. Being Deliberately Deceptive

This idea can take many forms. Here are just a few examples.

  • One of your coworkers taking credit for another’s work or the work of an entire team or department.
  • Calling in sick just so that they can get a free day off for other reasons.
  • Sabotaging another employee’s work.
  • Quietly suggesting one or more employees should be laid off if a person has that kind of influence over the manager or HR department, just because they have personal issues with them.

Dealing with these unethical behavior examples is extremely difficult, and it depends on your own station. If it affects you, then you must immediately report them to your superiors. They can end it retaliation and even lawsuits.

2. Violence of Conscience

This example happens on the part of the managers. It’s that moment when they call you in their office to announce you that if you don’t sell 100 blue laptops by the end of the month, you are fired. This is problematic because you happen to know that the blue laptops are worse as far as quality goes. Therefore, suggesting them to your clients would mean to go against your own conscience and potentially to lose those clients for good.

3. Not Honoring Commitments

Unethical behavior such as this includes coworkers not doing their part when you’re supposed to be working together on a project. However, it can also mean your boss purposefully denies you a day off. Let’s say he or she promised that, if you managed to deliver something before the initial deadline, you would be rewarded with a day off. When the time comes, he or she changes their mind. This is unethical behavior.

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4. Small Things?

Last but definitely not least, there are the things most people do and which they consider insignificant. But are they? We’re talking about raiding the supplies cabinet at work so that you can take home as many pens and notebooks you want. There are also people who take tea, coffee, and even toilet paper from the office. Feel free to include those who use and pass around pieces of software that are counterfeit, as well as those who get an expense account and use it for their personal shopping. All of this is unethical behavior, even if on the surface it may look like a pen, some coffee or a roll of toilet paper. Plus, you can get accused of stealing, no matter how small the item is. Keep that in mind.

These four unethical behavior examples show you how easy it is to misconduct in the office. Or to witness someone conduct in a poor manner themselves. However, the idea here is not to let them get away with it. Let us know in the comment section below how you handle situations such as these.

Author: Amanda Knowles