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The 5 Types of Difficult Employees You Should Avoid

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We all know them, maybe some of us have been them at some point in our careers: difficult employees. No work environment will ever have the same type of employees, which is a good thing. Diversity is how you make sure your team has a man for every job. Not to mention that diverse people will push each other to be better and complete each other until they form the dream team. However, there are certain employees that are more difficult to deal with than others. Today, we are going to talk about 5 types of difficult employees that might be wiser to avoid. Let’s begin!

5 Types of Difficult Employees You Should Consider Avoiding

1. The Gossip

Possibly one of the most challenging employees you might happen to have in your team is the gossip. Not only will he or she waste time (which could have been dedicated to working) spying on colleagues and then reporting the news to other people, but he or she will also affect the performance of the entire team. That is because spreading rumors can often hurt the relationship between team members. Moreover, it might distract them from performing at their best during work hours.

2. The Angry One

Other employees are scared of talking to him or her. That is because this employee wants to prove his or her assertion through screaming, name calling, and random fits. If you find employees who do this, then you have to wonder if they don’t have any other way to prove they are assertive. If that is the case, then these people have no reason to be a part of your team.

3. The Pessimist

Pessimistic people can drag the entire team’s moral down. Nothing ever seems to satisfy them, and they will always find a way to put a bad twist on any good news. We’re not saying that there shouldn’t be someone to ground the team whenever there’s unrealistic expectations. However, if your team just accomplished something great and this person is still complaining, you might want to consider his or her relocation.

4. The Slacker

Among all the types of difficult employees that we have discussed up until now, you might find this one more than once in any office environment. That is because slacking can take multiple forms. You either never see this person at his or her desk, or they will often get suddenly sick and let you know they’ll be going home for the day.

5. The Egomaniac

We don’t think we have to tell you why this person is not a great fit in a team. Their ego will overshadow the team’s goals every time, because they will always look out for themselves. A healthy ego is not always a bad thing, but when it becomes a problem for the rest of the company and its goals, then you know this person should not be a part of it.

We hope our short guide to the 5 types of difficult employees you should avoid will help you choose only the best possible options for your team and follow the path to success together.

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Author: Amanda Knowles